Nicotine Salt E-Liquids

Nicotine Salts, also known as Nic Salts are a type of e-liquid that offer a much higher dosage of nicotine than your standard freebase vape liquid. Nicotine Salt is found naturally in tobacco leaves and is absorbed by your body much quicker offering a faster nicotine hit.

Nic salt is perfect for those who have recently quit smoking or vapers who have higher than average cravings but wish to vape a little less often. The throat hit delivered with nicotine salt is much smoother and you will feel the effects within a matter of seconds. We stock one of the largest ranges of nicotine salts in the UK at amazing prices allowing you to mix and match between multiple brands and enjoy hundreds of new flavours.

Nic Salts

Our vape juice and E-liquid options are perfect for all pod kits, including our Nic Salt E-liquid. These are perfect for our clients who want their bottle of E-liquid to have nicotine added. Nicotine is not readily added into the E-liquid we have on offer, it is added into the bottle separately at the end, that is why we sell short bottle size options.

Nic Salt E-liquid is perfect for ex-smokers who wish to still enjoy nicotine, in Nic Salts, the nicotine is better absorbed into the bloodstream, unlike nicotine you would usually get in your normal e-liquid options. Take a look at the reviews we have for our Nic Salt E-liquids, you won’t be disappointed.

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