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Anarchist Nic Salts

Anarchist Salts & E-Liquid

Anarchist Salts have finally landed and feature 9 of their popular sub-ohm flavours in an exciting new 50/50 ratio which boasts two nicotine strengths 10mg & 20mg.

Exploring the Anarchist E-LIquid range is a must for any vaper no matter how long they’ve been vaping these are truly premium all-American e-liquids that have stood the test of time.

Do You Love Anarchist Salt E-Liquid?

If the answer to that question is "YES" then you should head over to our Anarchist Short Fills section where you can try all their flavours in big 100ml short fill bottles. Anarchist Eliquid has also released a couple of new flavours and an "on Ice" series which are proving to be extremely popular among our customers.

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