30 Extremely Popular Grape Flavours

Grape e liquids are one of the best selling fruit flavours in the vaping world! Coincidence? We think not! Like a fine wine (which happens to be made of these little juicy gems too!), grape flavoured e-liquids taste wonderful both as they are, or paired with other flavour infusions for a more complex blend, such as Ohmboy’s Sweetwater Grape and White Peach. So what makes a grape vape so popular? It’s definitely down to being an easily palatable flavour that makes for an easy ADV (all day vape). The breadth of flavour variations help too, with popular soft drinks flavours coming over from the USA such as grape soda, these are now being mimicked in popular e-liquid blends. Whether you like it straight, blended with botanical notes or cooled off with a menthol blast, there is something here for you whether you’re a long time fan or new to this fruity wonder.


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Icy Grape

From: £9.99

Grape, Menthol, Ice/Slush



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Sweet Grape Low Mint


Fizzy Grape Soda

From: £12.99£6.99

Forest Berries, Grape, Menthol, Ice


Asian Starfruit and Red Grapes


Strawberry and Grape




Grape Soda Gummy Candy

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Grape and Spice

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From: £3.49£2.99

Solo+ 600 Puff Disposable Vape


Elfa Pod Flavours (2%)

From: £4.99£2.50

Nasty Fix Disposable Pod Device


Green Grape, White Grape

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