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Replacement Bubble Glass & Extensions

We sell a huge selection of replacement glass and extension kits for a wide variety of vape tanks. You can buy a straight glass that will replace the original your tank came with or upgrade to bubble glass or bulb glass that has a much larger e-liquid capacity.


FreeMax M Pro 3 Glass


Fireluke 4 Bubble Glass


DotStick Replacement Tank By DotMod


Horizontech Falcon 2 6ml Bubble Glass

The 7ml straight glass and 5ml diamond-cut bubble glass for the Aspire Odan are made of high-quality pyrex. Both reliable and hard-wearing, these replacement glasses offer a fantastic solution if you wish to extend the tank capacity of your Aspire Odan or replace damaged glass.


The Innokin iSub-B replacement glass has been designed for use with the iSub-B tank and kits that include it. Crafted from quality glass, it provides a better flavour from liquid than plastic alternatives.


Uwell Nunchaku 2 5ml Replacement Bubble Glass


OBS Replacement 4ml Bulb Glass


Horizontech Falcon King 2ml Bubble Glass


Aspire Pockex Pyrex Tube + Metal Cover

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