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Kingston E-Liquid

Kingston E-Liquid

Kingston E-Liquid is named after their home town of Kingston Upon Hull which is situated in the Northeast of England. Kingston E-Liquids offer straightforward, no messing flavours at insanely good prices without forgetting quality. At E-Liquids UK, we have handpicked some of their most popular flavours in 100ml and present them to you at a mind-blowing £9.99! Simply add 2 of your favourite nicotine shots and you’re left with 120ml.

Kingston E-Liquid just won’t stop releasing new liquid flavours, our biggest selling Kingston flavour has to be Zingberry which is closely followed by Kingston Raspberry Cola. At these prices, you’d be crazy not to switch to Kingston and discover all their e liquid flavours.


Kingston 500ml Bulk Buy Short Fills


Blackcurrant, Ice/Slush


Fruits, Sweet, Sour


Sour Apple Candy


Caramel, Banana, Fudge


Raspberry, Cola


Mango, Cola


Apple, Blackcurrant,  Ice


Grape, Mixed Berries, Ice, Fizzy/Soda


Grape, Mixed Berries, Fizzy/Soda


Orange, Mango, Ice, Fizzy/Soda


Strawberry, Lime, Ice, Fizzy/Soda


Sticky Toffee Pudding


Glazed Donut, Custard


Strawberry Jam, Sponge Cake, Icing Sugar


Fizzy Grape Soda


Fizzy Orange Soda


Grapefruit, Mixed Red Berries & Lemon

Kingston 100ml E Liquid

Our range of Kingston E liquids come in 100ml bottles. This makes them great value for money and are packed full of flavour. They have a 0mg nicotine strength, but we do have tobacco and menthol flavoured liquids in stock to encourage the taste.

For those shopping online for Kingston 100ml E Liquids, be sure to choose E-Liquids UK. We’re proud stockists of Kingston liquids, so no matter the quantity or type of flavours you are interested in, you’re sure to find it with E-Liquids UK!

Kingston E Liquid Flavours

At E-Liquids UK, we stock over 75 flavours of Kingston E liquids, so we’re more than confident in saying that we’ll have something to suit you. From dessert tasting liquids like strawberry cheesecake and banoffee pie to sweet tastes like bubblegum and strawberry sweet candy floss, we’re sure to have something to capture your tastes buds and nicotine cravings. We also stock various menthol and tobacco flavours within our Kingston range.

Be sure to check out our range of Kingston E liquids to discover more about the variety of flavours we have in stock.

Kingston E Liquid Stockists

If you’re looking for a stockist of Kingston E Liquid, choose none other than E-Liquids UK. We have been providing vaping products to customers across the UK for many years now, so no matter your preference or requirements, we’re here to cater to your every need.

We are highly reputable and reliable, so regardless of your vaping requirements or the vaping production you wish to achieve, we’re here to help.

About Kingston

Kingston bottles come in eye catching 100ml bottles and offer a fantastic vaping experience. It’s fair to say that this brand passes the test for us! As a popular brand for many vapers, Kingston comes highly recommended by many. As previously mentioned, we also have over 75 flavours of Kingston E-Liquids, so no matter what taste or flavour you prefer or are in search of, you’re sure to find it with us!

Why Choose E-Liquids UK?

Having offered E liquids and vaping products online for some time now, we have become the first choice for many. Both for the quality of our vaping products and our customer service. So, no matter your needs for Kingston E Liquid, be sure to choose our team at E-Liquids UK.

Some of the main reasons why we believe that you should choose us when shopping for Kingston E Liquid online are:

  • We stock a range of vaping products
  • We’re passionate about vaping
  • We’re well known throughout the UK
  • We have years of vaping experience
  • We’re highly affordable - Browse our range for more

The above points are just a few of the main reasons why we believe that you should choose us for all your E liquids and vaping needs. For more information about us or any of the services we provide, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team today.

Kingston E Liquid UK

For those in search of Kingston E liquid in the UK, choose none other than E-Liquids UK. We stock a range of vaping products, from E liquid to vape kits, RDA’s and RTA’s to CBD liquid, you can always be sure that you’ll find all your vaping products with us. You may even find some new and impressive products on our website!

Contact E-Liquids UK for Kingston E Liquid

If you’re shopping online for Kingston E liquid, choose none other than E-Liquids UK. No matter your needs or requirements, we’re more than confident in saying that we will be able to help.

Simply browse through our range of Kingston E Liquid today to discover more about the flavours we have in stock. Should you like to find out more about an individual product or our E liquid as a whole and which is best for your vaping experience or vape production, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Cheapest Kingston E-Liquid Online In The UK

Unlike other online vape shops who just stock what they like, here at E-Liquids UK we want to ensure all our customers have the best choice available to them when shopping online for their vape liquids that is why we are committed to stocking every flavour brands like Kingston eliquid has to offer. You can trust us to have stock and be the most honestly priced vape shop online in the UK.

How Many Nic Shots Do I Need For 100ml Kingston?

Kingston E-LIquid comes in a 120ml bottle which is only partially filled to 100ml, this allows room for 2 nicotine shots to make 120ml 3mg. We recommend using any vg nic shot with this Kingston to ensure you get the best results vaping their premium liquid.

Why is Kingston Vape Juice so popular?

Kingston has produced a huge array of vape juices that clearly appeal to a wide range of vapers. They have Dessert flavours, Menthol Flavours and even Candy flaours. Kingston Vape Liquids are great quality juices and really affordable.

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