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We are working around the clock to bring you the latest e-liquids. Using our product filters, you can narrow down your search by size, strength or flavour. We stock a wide variety of e-liquids, ranging from high VG blends for sub-ohm vaping to 50/50 e-liquid blends for higher nicotine and mouth to lung devices. Furthermore, leaving reviews on e-liquids you’ve bought can really help other customers make more informed decisions.

What is ELiquid?

E-Liquid or Ejuice is the main ingredient that is added to your e-cig. The flavoured liquid or unflavoured liquid is added to the tank of your vape kit, and when heated at your desired wattage or temperature the liquid evaporates and creates a water-based vapour that you can inhale and exhale as if you were smoking to get your nicotine fix, the process is known as "vaping".

Eliquids are created using only 3 core ingredients (potentially 4 with the addition of nicotine if required); the core ingredients used are:

  • Propylene Glycol or (PG)
  • Vegetable glycerine or (VG)
  • Food-Grade Flavourings
  • Pharmaceutical Nicotine (nicotine shots)

What Is The Best Eliquid Flavour

Choosing an e-liquid is no simple task, everyone has different tastes and experiences with the wide variety of liquids we have to offer. Many ex-smokers initially want to start with tobacco flavours and rightly so, you're moving from one to the other, we stock a huge range of popular tobacco eliquids ranging from Coffee Tobacco to Mint Tobacco.

There are so many e-liquid flavours to buy so don't limit your choices check out the hundreds of vape brands we have to offer where you will find a great range of flavour combinations in each.

How Much Does Eliquid Cost?

The price of eliquid varies premium bottes of e-liquid typically start from £2.99 for a standard 10ml bottle and can go as high as £5.99, as the size (ml) of the bottle increases so does the price. However, some e-liquid brands specialise in larger sized short filled bottles and are sable to bring the cost down.

What is a ShortFilll Eliquid?

The TPD (Tobacco Product Directive) was introduced in 2017 and limited the size of eliquids containing nicotine to 10ml. This infuriated vapers in the UK and swiftly after short fills were introduced. There is no legal limit on the size of an eliquid bottle providing it contains no nicotine. Essentially short fill eliquid bottles are left underfilled slightly to allow users to add 10ml pure nicotine shots inside. This has been an open Loop Hole in the TPD laws since 2017.

How should I store my Eliquid?

To achieve maximum flavour from your vape liquid and to ensure the longevity of your eliquid, store them in a cool, dark place such as a cupboard. Keeping the bottles away from direct sunlight and warm temperatures.

Likewise, don't store them somewhere that is too cold. However, for long-term storage, some vapers store their e-liquids in the fridge and pure nicotine in the freezer.

If an e-liquid bottle is stored correctly and the lid is tight, once opened the liquid can last up to two years.

Always keep the bottle sealed and away from children or pets as nicotine can be dangerous in moderate doses.

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