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Rebuildables, Tools & Wire
Ensure you’re building the best coils and maintaining your vape kit correctly. We sell build kits, carry cases and wire from the likes of Coil Master, Kendo & Twisted Messes.


Flatwire SS316L 10ft Wire


Flatwire Nichrome 80 10ft Wire


Flatwire FLATSixty HW6015 10ft Wire


This newly designed and angled ceramic tweezer is perfect for any given situation that requires the use of a non-conductive and heat resistant tweezer allowing the user to make finite adjustments to the coil head without the possibility of accidentally shorting out the coil. It can be used at high temperatures up to and including [...]


Kendo Nichrome Ni80 Wire

From: £18.99£12.99

High Quality Nichrome 80 Resistance Wire

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