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Vape Battery Chargers

We stock a great range of reliable chargers from trusted brands such as NiteCore and XTAR. We offer vape battery chargers that work with all types of vape cells including 18650, 21700 & 20700. We offer chargers that work via USB or via wall plugs so no matter your situation we will have a charger to suit your vaping needs.


Xtar VC2 USB Li-ion Charger


Xtar MC4S USB-C Li-ion / Ni-MH / Ni-CD Charger

Original price was: £3.99.Current price is: £2.99.

In case you've lost yours!


Xtar MC2 USB Li-ion Li-Mn Charger


Xtar MC1 Li-ion Battery Charger

Charge Your Vape Batteries Properly

We always recommend you charge your external batteries via a charger and not through the device itself. While the micro USB port will charge your cells they are really meant for firmware updates on the device and constant use will result in the ports being worn out over time.

Regulary Rotate Your Vapes Battteries

By rotating the batteries inside your vape periodically you may help. If you don't change the positions of your batteries you may find one battery isn't getting the full charge it needs and maybe doing more work than the others. Rotating the batteries periodically will help balance this out.

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