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Keep It 100 Salts

Keep It 100 Salt E-Liquids

Keep It 100 Salts is manufactured by Liquid Labs and introduces a value-packed line up featuring awesome candy, dessert, fruit, and breakfast flavours that will keep you coming back for more! Founded in mid-2014,

Liquid Labs manufacturing is brought to you from Toms River, New Jersey, USA. Their nicotine salts come in their signature blue slush taste as well as sweet treats strawberry and vanilla/almond milk. Available in 10mg and 20mg nicotine these are perfect for high-nicotine vapers using an MTL device.


Milk, Vanilla, Almonds


Ice/ Slush, Raspberry, Blueberry


Blue Slushie, Tropical Fruits, Strawberry


Blue Slushie Lemonade Infused with Berries & Citrus notes

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