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Momo Nic Salts

Momo Nicotine SaltsMomo Nic Salts have proven to be an absolute hit with 4 brand new flavours. Each flavour carries that signature Momo taste we’ve all fallen in love with. Available in a 50/50 blend at 20mg nicotine strength Momo Salts are extremely smooth on the throat as they only use the finest ingredients to produce their e-liquids. Coming in at just £3.49 each you’d be silly not to give them a try!

Popular flavours from the Momo Nic Salt range are Soda-Lish, Mangonut and Caramel Tobacco. Looking for larger bottles? Check out the Momo 50ml short fill ranges.


10 Flavours In 20mg


6 Flavours In 20mg


7 Flavours In 10mg


Mixed Berries, Strawberry, Raspberry


Raspberry, Strawberry, Zesty Lemon

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