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Vape Cotton

Vape cotton comes in pre-cut strips or vape laces so you can re-wick your vape coils quickly with little wastage. Cotton is primarily used for re-wicking pre-built coils that are used in rebuildable vape tanks. We sell a wide range of cottons for rebuildable tanks from big brands such as Kendo & Wick n Vape.


Coil Master Pro Cotton


The Swag Project Organic Cotton


Fuzz Organic Vaping Cotton


Wick n Vape Cotton Bacon Prime


100% US grown cotton

What is Vape Cotton?

Vape cotton, a small piece of organic and bleach-free chlorine-free cotton wool sits inside of a vape coil within a vape tank. Silica wicks are phased out as they tend to absorb liquid slower and don't provide the best flavour hit during vaping. When it happens you will notice when you're not familiar with dry hits that happen because these types of chorine free silica wick absorb too much e-juice for your liking. 

Why is Vape Cotton Important? 

High-quality vape cotton is a necessity for anyone who wants to have an enjoyable vaping experience. Vape cotton matters in a variety of ways, and you can't use regular cotton balls because they aren't safe or sanitary and could make you sick if ingested as fumes from the heating element build up between them.

Vape cotton help bridge the gap between your juice and its device by touch both parts which will determine whether your vaping delivers great flavour experiences that'll put smiles on faces all around or one that people would love to forget due to it not delivering proper taste satisfaction leading smokers back into traditional cigarettes again!

When it comes to cotton, higher resistance coils require a more heat resistant type of wick. The quality of your vape cotton also impacts the flavour production in your device and different brands tend to provide their own unique twist on taste. Picking one that favours you is crucial for maximising flavour output when vaping.

You can use other wicking materials like cotton. Like cotton, the vaping experience each offers varies and comes with different challenges and benefits. If you don't go down this road, it's important to research what may be best for your needs before making a final decision.

Leading UK Vape and E-Liquid Distributer

The benefits of choosing E-Liquids UK are endless, and the possibilities to expand your vaping horizons are limitless. We have a huge collection of vape products for our customers so you’ll never run out of things to try! Our large customer base also means we take quality very seriously—we wouldn't want anything but safe ingredients in your e-liquid or vaporiser product.

Our vaping products are always high-quality and tested before being sold to our customers. With us, you have a variety of options as well as the freedom to be adventurous without worrying about quality--that's how much we care!

Why Choose E-Liquids UK for Vape Cotton?

The experts at E-Liquids UK stock a selection of vape cotton online, new technology means that these disposable vapes will provide an excellent vaping experience. Our disposable vape range includes a variety of options, other e-liquids and e-juices, that come in various options and flavours, simply check out our large collection of vape cotton online today. The large range that we provide is just one of the reasons why you should choose E-Liquids for vape cotton, as well as the fact that we provide free UK delivery on all orders over £20.

If you are in need of vape cotton then the E-Liquids UK team have got you covered. We provide a top of the range vape cotton, as well as everything that you need to ensure the best e-liquid experience.

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