Bedrock Ice Cream Donuts Review

Bedrock Ice Cream Donuts

Thanks for checking out my review and thoughts on Bedrock from Ice Cream Donuts. Ice cream donuts were manufactured by the ever-popular US company Ruthless. Bedrock has been around since before the TPD kicked in here in the UK and was a juice I always enjoyed. Since the start of the TPD, it has been […]

New Study Finds Drugs Alone Will Not Help Smokers Quit

University Of California San Diego School Of Medicine

A study from the University of California San Diego School of Medicine has found that clinical trials demonstrate medication is not enough on its own to help smokers give up. The study found that the use of Varenicline, Bupropion and nicotine replacement techniques did not have the hoped-for effect of doubling smoking cessation rates in […]

Another Big Tobacco Giant Turns Against Cigarettes

Big Tobacco Giant Turns Against Cigarettes

Leading tobacco company Philip Morris International (PMI) has made a surprise announcement of its intention to stop selling cigarettes in the UK, as it continues its push to switch its market to healthier alternatives such as e-cigarettes. The world’s second-largest tobacco manufacturer, which produces a host of famous brands including Marlboro and Parliament, has gone […]

5 Social Benefits of Vaping over Traditional Cigarettes

5 Undoubted Benefits Of Vaping A E-Cigarettes

For any individual to recognise a better alternative in life, they must be able to recognise the benefits of a new approach. It’s no different for smokers of traditional cigarettes and tobacco. Though many will have read the many articles and stories about how electronic vaping is healthier and safer than smoking cigarettes, until you put […]

Latest Vaping Study finds no Negative Impact on Never-Smokers

Latest Vaping Study Research Nurse With Patient

Recent research carried out at the University of Catania in Sicily found that heavy vaping caused ‘no harm’ in never-smokers. Led by Dr Riccardo Polosa, the research team set out to examine the effects of vaping on nine non-smokers and included twelve lifetime non-smokers and non-vapers in a 3 and a half year comparison. The […]

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