Possible Brexit Boost for Vapers

Possible Brexit Boost For Vapers

Brexit may give the UK e-cigarette business a boost and prove a boon for vapers as it could be the opportunity for government ministers to cut red tape surrounding the strength and size of nicotine refill containers and lead to changes to other associated vaping products. Vaping has proved the popular option for regular smokers […]

British Psychological Society Backs E-Cigarettes

British Psychological Society Back E-Cigarettes

The British Psychological Society has joined a growing number of official British organisations that are now supporting the use of electronic cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes can help people to stop smoking and can achieve dramatic health improvements by doing so. A new report has led to this endorsement as a means to fight against the 96,000 […]

Vapetasia – Lemon Killer Kustard Review

Lemon Killer Kustard Review Back again with another review for the wonderful Vapetasia. This time around is the final liquid of the Killer Kustard line that got an excellent review when I reviewed it previously. Lemon Killer Kustard is the last one to look at and I only received it today. From the first vape, […]

Loaded E-Juice Review (Including New Flavours)

Loaded E-Juice Review Hey everyone, it’s about time I gave my thoughts on this line of liquids. Especially since one of them, in particular, I have vaped constantly for well over 18 months now and still have not blessed it with a proper review. Loaded E-juice is a line manufactured in Southern California by Ruthless. Ruthless […]

Vapetasia Review

Vapetasia Eliquids Following on from the previous reviews of two of the Vapetasia lines, Vape Lemonade & Killer Kustard. I am here to bring you some more reviews of some of the other juices that Vapetasia have made. Vapetasia in case you missed the previous reviews are a company from Las Vegas, USA. I have […]

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