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Could Vaping Save The NHS Billions Each Year

Can E-Cigarettes Save The Nhs £2.6 Billion?

With the annual NHS push to get smokers to switch or quit underway, we ask if vaping has the potential to save the health service £2.6 billion. It is now accepted that electronic cigarettes pose a fraction of the risk of smoking, and studies show they work 3-6 times better than nicotine replacement products like […]

COPD Day Promotes Vaping

Copd Day 2021 (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease)

COPD Day recently took place and highlighted the shortcomings in current care provision, but leading bodies all agree that vaping can arrest or reverse the COPD impact of smoking. Studies from a leading lung expert have previously demonstrated an improvement in lung function in smokers who switch over to vaping. Anti-smoking campaign charity Action on […]

Vaping Guidance from Government Watchdog

New Guidance From Uk Government Watchdog

Government health watchdog The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence has issued new guidance on the use of vaping within NHS settings and smoking cessation services. Trade body UKVIA says this is “another win for advocates of e-cigarettes’ effectiveness in helping people quit combustible tobacco while promoting harm reduction”. The National Institute for Health […]

Tobacco Control Plan Debated In Westminster

Tobacco Control Plans Debated In Westminster By Mp'S

Members of Parliament took part in a debate last week, discussing the role of electronic cigarettes in the forthcoming Tobacco Control Plan. They said they believe vaping is of “fundamental importance” and plays a “vital role” in helping to reduce the damage caused by smoking tobacco products. Vape shops selling a variety of vape mods, […]

Good COPs and Bad COPs

Vaping &Amp; Climate Change, Good Cops &Amp; Bad Cops

A World Health Organisation (WHO) conference concerned with electronic cigarettes is currently underway (COP9), but it compares unfavourably with the one taking place addressing the environment (COP26). Independent advocates for e-cigs and vape consumers have been banned from viewing the discussions. COP9 is discussing ways of treating vaping around the world, coming up with policies […]

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