British Psychological Society Backs E-Cigarettes

British Psychological Society Back E-Cigarettes

The British Psychological Society has joined a growing number of official British organisations that are now supporting the use of electronic cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes can help people to stop smoking and can achieve dramatic health improvements by doing so. A new report has led to this endorsement as a means to fight against the 96,000 people who die every year in the UK from smoking-related illnesses.

The authors of the study, Lynne Dawkins and Hayden McRobbie, have highlighted the potential benefits of using e-liquids instead of cigarettes as a means to enable people to quit smoking and end their harmful dependence on them. The e-cig has the potential to help smokers quit smoking more successfully according to the report and other studies have pointed towards vaping being the best available aid in stopping people from smoking than any other nicotine replacement therapy.

The British Psychological Society study also suggests that the National Health Service’s Stop Smoking campaign could also benefit from engaging with and embracing the practice of vaping as a means to quit smoking and dramatically improve health. The study even suggests that electronic cigarettes could be provided as a part of this service to benefit the campaign.

A call to increase the cost of smoking cigarettes

The study concludes with a call to increase the cost of smoking cigarettes and to reduce the cost of vaping to make it more achievable for smokers to make the switch to this healthier aid. By making it cheaper to vape it will become easier to make a positive habit change. This is why the British Psychological Society is calling for cost barriers to be removed from vaping to make it simpler for people to give up smoking for good.

The British Medical Association also recently announced their support of vaping and the latest studies are all pointing towards the positive health benefits of vaping over smoking. One recent study found that there was no negative impact from vaping on people who had never smoked before and the British institutions are now all coming forward to back vaping as a healthy option. This endorsement is great news in making electronic cigarettes more available and aiding in the drive towards preventing people from smoking cigarettes and causing themselves and others significant harm.

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