Why Do Vapers Buy From Physical Shops

Why Do Vapers Still Buy From Physical Vape Shops

With so much choice available online, why do people still use brick-and-mortar shops when purchasing eliquid or electronic vaping devices?

A brick-and-mortar or B&M store is what we call a “shop”. The term is used to differentiate an online UK vape shop from a store you find on the high street. For example, you can purchase online from E-Liquids UK or call the B&M Not Blowing Smoke shop on Church Street in Godalming. What is it that drives some vapers to source their devices and UK vape juice from a B&M?

Personal Service

It may appear odd in this technological age, but many people prefer to interact with a person and hand over actual money for their premium vape liquid.


Sometimes getting your vape juice tomorrow just isn’t fast enough. If you run out of liquid or have a coil that needs replacing urgently, your friendly local store can have you happily vaping away within minutes. This can be more pressing if your atomiser tank has met with a disaster, or your only mod has stopped working. B&Ms carry a wide range of stock that suit all styles of vaping.

B&Ms like Not Blowing Smoke were created to help smokers successfully transition away from tobacco and work because they can fill any gap that would otherwise an ex-smoker back to their old habits.

Notblowingsmoke Vape Shop
Not Blowing Smoke’S Physical Retail Shop In Godalming, Surrey, Uk.


Online pictures may give you an idea of what a device looks like but that doesn’t compare to how it looks and feels in the hand. B&Ms carry a range of older and current devices that you can look at first hand which means you can actually see the features in operation and work out if it will deliver what you are looking for.

Although Covid has stopped the ability of B&Ms to let you trial different vape liquids, it is still possible to smell and possibly taste them rather than guessing how they might be from a photograph.


If you have a question about how to vape, a particular tank, atomiser or device, or an issue relating to an e-liquid, nothing beats being able to discuss it first-hand. Quite often the answer to one quest

ion raises another and being in front of B&M staff allows a vaper to drill down to all of the facts instantly.


Maybe you are having an issue with a coil not firing properly? Maybe your tank is leaking? Maybe the device won’t turn on? If you made your purchase from a B&M then you can achieve instant satisfaction if there is a problem with it.

Some stores will carry out simple repairs for you, all will do some level of fault-finding to get devices back up and running – and, if they can’t, can probably provide a replacement. It’s even possible that the problem was down to user error, and they can help you understand how to use your equipment successfully.


A vape B&M is where like-minded people come together. Staff, the owners, customers all share a passion for all things vaping. A store like Not Blowing Smoke is somewhere you will feel welcome, meet other vapers, and possibly forge friendships.

And there you were thinking UK vape shops were just places to buy devices and e-liquids!


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