Top Tips For Mech Mod Users

Top Tips For Vaping With A Mech Mod

Do you fancy doing a bit of old school vaping? Safety is an important consideration when using mechanical tube mods so here are our top tips for mech mod users.

Do you fancy doing a bit of old school vaping? Almost everybody was using a tube mech in the early days of vaping, but safety is an important consideration when using mechanical mods. In our top tips for mech mod users, we cover what they are, why you might want to use one, and the things you need to pay attention to.

What is a mechanical vape mod?

A mechanical mod, or just plain ‘mech’, is effectively a metal tube like a torch that has a section in place of a bulb that you can screw an atomiser or tank onto. Early mechs were precisely that, torches that had been altered to use for vaping.

Some mechs have side switches, some have them located on the base, but vape devices from vape shops don’t get any simpler – although some consider them more complicated because of what you have to know in order to use them correctly.

Why do I want to use a mechanical tube mod for vaping?

Flawless Tugboat V3
Beautiful Flawless Tugboat V3 Mechanical Mods

A mech set-up is a more involved way of vaping and, as the market shows, this isn’t for most people who are seeking the simplicity of modern plug & play devices for use with their favourite e-liquids.

Those who use mechs do so because they like the traditional appearance of a tank and tube, but also because they can fine-tune their vape experience. Most will tell you that they prefer the type of vape they get from it compared to a regulated device – be it budget or premium vape liquid, they say it tastes better.

Powered by a 18650 or 21700, a mech and dripping atomiser (RDA) can be a very discrete way to mouth-to-lung vape, concealed in the palm of a hand.

If tube mechs are simple, are they cheap?

Invariably, the answer to this is no. Although it might be ‘just a metal tube’, low production runs and/or intricate engraving means the mechs often come with a premium price attached. In many ways, embarking into the world of mechs can be the first step to going down the rabbit hole of vape enthusiasm and addiction to collecting.

What safety concerns are there about tube mech mods?

The first thing to look for is whether the tube mech’s button has a locked facility. If you are planning on taking your tube away from the house, there is the chance the fire button could be accidentally pressed – it needs locking or the battery removing.

In the exceptionally rare event that a battery begins venting (giving out gases), the tube needs sufficient holes to allow the gases to escape the device. These are common in the switch at the base or at the top where the 510 connection is found

Does your atomiser or tank have a protruding 510 pin? If not, it is not safe to use it on a mech. It could cause an electrical short that leads to the battery venting.

How well do you know your Ohm’s Law? If you don’t know what this is or think you may struggle to understand it, avoid mechanical tube mods. You must make sure the battery you are using can handle the current demanded by the coil you build. Placing undue stress on the battery in the mech mod will lead to venting.

Cleanliness Is Vital

Your e-juice can get onto the top of the mod even if you haven’t had a leak. A small amount of e-liquid can trap dust and reduce the mech’s efficiency. It is essential to regularly strip and clean your tube mech mod. Cleaning the 510 connection and any threads ensures the mech will perform well. It also reduces the chance that your atomiser will bind onto the mech.

Cleaning the switch ensures it functions smoothly but watch out in case it is a magnet operated switch. The NdFeB magnets used in mech mods are very fragile and can sometimes be difficult to replace so take care when removing them and put them in a safe place until reassembly.

Warning: NdFeB magnets should always be kept away from animals, children, and credit cards.

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