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Embracing the Season: Winter Vape Flavours

Winter Vape Flavours

As the winter season approaches, vapers are presented with an array of enticing winter vape flavours that capture the essence of the season. From comforting warm blends to festive treats, the world of winter vaping flavours offers a diverse range of options to suit every vapers taste preferences. Rich and Decadent Desserts Winter is the […]

Grimm Green & OhmBoy OC – Rocket Blast E-Liquid Review

It’s time for two huge names in the industry to come to the table with their own e-liquid. Grimm Green is a name familiar to anyone that is anyone in the vape industry and Ohmboy OC is another that will be familiar to many. This is not Grimm Greens first juice to be released but […]

M-Terk E-Liquid Review

M-Terk E-Liquid Review 2018

M-Terk E Liquid Review So I don’t normally buy into vape juice made by the vape famous but there was something about these M-Terk liquids that made me want to try them out. Maybe it was the delightful sounding flavour profiles, or was I fanboying a little after having some of his industry famous coils […]

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