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Embracing the Season: Winter Vape Flavours

Winter Vape Flavours

As the winter season approaches, vapers are presented with an array of enticing winter vape flavours that capture the essence of the season. From comforting warm blends to festive treats, the world of winter vaping flavours offers a diverse range of options to suit every vapers taste preferences. Rich and Decadent Desserts Winter is the […]

Vaping Is Driving Down Smoking Rates

Vaping Is Driving Down Smoking Rates

Data provided by the Office for National Statistics show that vaping is powering the drop in UK smoking rates, and regional reporting amplifies the finding. In places such as Wigan and across Dorset, people who used to smoke have turned their backs on tobacco thanks to successfully switching to using vape products instead. What is […]

North Bristol NHS Trust Turns To Vaping

Nhs Trust In Bristol Turns To Vaping

North Bristol NHS Trust is to introduce vaping so it can achieve a smoke-free status. The Trust has struggled with convincing smokers not to use tobacco on-site and has now decided to follow the example set in the West Midlands, where the Sandwell and West Birmingham Trust allowed two vape stores to open up next […]

Comprehensive E-Cigarette Evidence Review

New Vaping Evidence Released

A team of independent experts including Professors Raymond Niaura, Pietro Ferrara, and Riccardo Polosa have conducted a scoping review, looking at all of the research studies examining the health outcomes from vaping. They say there is nothing new to question the consensus that e-cigs are safer than smoking. The United Kingdom has supported smokers switching […]

Advice For New Vapers

Advice For New Vapers 2021

The UK has just under 7 million smokers and a growing number of them are considering trying an electronic cigarette or looking switch. You may have tried one in the past and it didn’t work, you might have switched but are still unsure, but everyone has questions they still need answered. Here we hope to […]

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