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Superdrug Stops Selling Single Use Vapes

Superdrug Stores Stop Selling Single Use (Disposable) Vapes In The Uk And Northern Ireland.

Superdrug Joins E-Liquids UK In Removing Single Use Vapes. E-Liquids UK made a conscious decision back in August 2023 to stop the sale of Disposable Vapes. In a significant move towards promoting environmental sustainability, Superdrug, one of the leading health and beauty retailers in the UK, has announced its decision to cease the sale of […]

Local Authorities Are Seizing Illegal Vapes

Local Authorities Are Seizing Illegal Vapes

Local authority Trading Standards departments have conducted a succession of raids across the United Kingdom to identify and seize illegal vapes. Councils are setting up sting squads to catch out shops that are not conforming with UK regulations. It will come as a relief that these counterfeit products are being removed from shelves – but […]

Is My Vape Kit Genuine or Fake?

Is My Vape Fake Or Genuine?

The vaping industry is currently suffering from increased growth in counterfeiting. Trade organisation, the UK Vaping Industry Association has said it has noticed the increase in fake items, especially within the disposable vape sector. This article will tell you what you can do to be assured that you are purchasing genuine products. Disposable manufacturer Geek […]

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