Superdrug Stops Selling Single Use Vapes

Superdrug Stores Stop Selling Single Use (Disposable) Vapes In The Uk And Northern Ireland.

Superdrug Joins E-Liquids UK In Removing Single Use Vapes.

Superdrug Stops Selling Single Use Vapes

E-Liquids UK made a conscious decision back in August 2023 to stop the sale of Disposable Vapes. In a significant move towards promoting environmental sustainability, Superdrug, one of the leading health and beauty retailers in the UK, has announced its decision to cease the sale of disposable vapes across the UK and Northern Ireland.  This decision aligns with the ongoing efforts of GreenPeace, a prominent environmental organisation, which has been advocating for a ban on disposable vapes. Superdrug’s commitment to this cause sets a positive example for other retailers and highlights the urgent need to address the environmental impact of disposable vaping products.

Disposables Impact on the Vaping Industry.

Superdrug’s move to discontinue disposable vapes sets a precedent for other retailers in the UK and beyond. As a prominent player in the health and beauty sector, their decision is likely to influence other companies across multiple sectors to re-evaluate their own practices and put more consideration into the environmental impact of the products they sell. This shift towards more sustainable alternatives could lead to a broader industry-wide transformation, ultimately reducing the environmental footprint of vaping products moving forward.

Superdrug’s Decision:

Recognising the environmental impact of disposable vapes, senior managment has taken a proactive step by discontinuing their sale nationwide. By doing so, the company aims to reduce the amount of electronic waste generated and promote more sustainable alternatives. This decision reflects Superdrug’s commitment to corporate social responsibility and its dedication to protecting the environment.

Brands such as Vuse GO and Flavaah Bars would no longer be sold, the retailer said, adding that it would have the stock completely cleared by the end of the year. a spokesperson said “The company had sold an average of 1,300 units of single use vapes a week in stores and did not sell them online”.

Lucy Morton-Channon, who is currently head of environment, social and governance, said: “The rate that consumers are using single-use vapes and discarding them is worrying and alarming for the environment. The lasting effects that single-use vapes are having on the environment needs to be addressed, and I am pleased that we’ve decided to remove them from all stores.”

Superdrug Stops Selling Single Use Vapes
Lucy Morton-Channon: Head Of Environment, Social And Governance For Superdrug.

Rising Environmental Concerns.

Disposable vapes have gained popularity in recent years due to their convenience and ease of use. However, their widespread use has raised serious environmental concerns. These devices often contain non-recyclable materials, including plastic and lithium-ion batteries, which contribute to the growing problem of electronic waste. According to a report by GreenPeace, the improper disposal of disposable vapes can lead to soil and water pollution, posing a threat to ecosystems and wildlife.

Supporting The GreenPeace’s Petition:

Superdrug’s decision to support GreenPeace’s petition to ban disposable vapes is a testament to the company’s commitment to sustainability. GreenPeace has been actively campaigning for stricter regulations on disposable vaping products, urging governments and retailers to act. By aligning with GreenPeace’s cause, a national retailer is sending a powerful message to the industry and consumers alike, emphasising the need for collective responsibility in addressing environmental challenges.

Superdrug’s decision to stop selling disposable vapes is a commendable step towards promoting environmental sustainability. By supporting GreenPeace’s petition to ban disposable vapes, Superdrug is taking a proactive stance in addressing the environmental impact of these products. This move not only sets an example for other retailers but also highlights the urgent need for collective action to combat electronic waste.

Superdrug Stops Selling Single Use Vapes
Nearly 224,848 Uk Residents Have Signed The Petition And The Number Of Signatures Is Growing Daily!

What do we think?

As a responsible retailer, E-Liquids UK alongside others such as Superdrug have the power to encourage and support companies that prioritise sustainability, and their decisions serves as a reminder of the positive change that can be achieved through responsible business practices. Together we can stop the unnecessary sale of single use products when much better and more sustainable products are already available.


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