KSTRD E-Liquid Review

Kstrd Eliquid Review

Time for another review and a brand new juice line that has recently launched. KSTRD is brought to you by The Ace of Vapez, the same folks behind the Just Jam E-Liquid range. I am a big fan of the original Just Jam lineup in terms of the quality of the flavours that they have produced. It was not until I received this new line that I realised it was produced by the same people. Being a huge custard lover, I was even more excited to find out the makers were also one of my top-rated manufacturers too.

KSTRD comes in the usual short fill bottles, 100ml allowing a 20 top up with a nicotine shot if needed. At the time of writing, I have also noticed there are 30ml flavour concentrates available on these too. The concentrates will allow you to mix up bottles of your favourite flavours by just adding to PG, VG and Nicotine, normally to a mix of around 20%. These are a great idea as the costs of PG and VG are so low that this is an, even more, cost-effective way of enjoying your favourite liquids.

Shortfills are priced at £15.99 ( Nic shot extra ) and the KSTRD concentrates are £9.99. The KSTRD range consists of 5 flavours. You will see the names are missing some letters, this is intentional and not my inability to write! 3 of the flavours have won awards at the recent VaperExpo in Birmingham.

KSTRD BNNA Kstrd - Banana 100Ml Short Fill

BNNA is a banana custard liquid that is one of the award-winning flavours from the line. I have tried many different variants of banana custard in the past and they all just fall a little short of the mark. The smell from the bottle is unmistakably banana.

The inhale delivers a super sweet banana. Impressive, tasting like a real banana as opposed to the sweetshop style foam banana taste I was perhaps expecting. The exhale just hits the spot perfectly, mixed in with a delicious banana you get waves of a very nice vanilla custard coming through. The custard is delicate, the banana a little overpowering but for me, it didn’t matter. When the notes of custard hit my taste buds it was very satisfying.

Just Jam KSTRDKstrd Just Jam 100Ml Short Fill

No explanation needed on the flavour of this one. Thankfully written in plain English!

Just Jam strawberry was one of my favourites from the original line. Let’s see how it does mix in with KSTRD.

The smell, distinctively and easily recognisable as the Just Jam strawberry flavour and this is indeed the flavour I get the most of on the inhale. The exhale actually works well this time, nice notes of sweet strawberry jam with undertones of vanilla custard coming through. The custard and jam actually pair together perfectly, the custard is allowed to come out to play and this is a beautifully made liquid that leaves you coming back for more and more. I am pleased that the custard comes out well in this one, I was beginning to think the custard would be lacking throughout the line!

KSTRD APPL PIEKstrd Apple Pie 100Ml Short Fill

Apple pie and custard this time around. The two are so fitting that it is impossible to imagine this juice failing to make its mark. The smell is a very strong apple. This too is what I get on the inhale, along with a slight pastry taste. The exhale, this one blew me away, more piecrust taste, more apple and lashings of vanilla custard, this by a mile is my favourite so far. With only one flavour left this could be a clear winner.

This is one of those flavours that you can go back to time after time and never get bored. Sometimes it is full-on pie, sometimes it’s heavy on the custard. I don’t care this is really really good.




KSTRD VNNLAKstrd Vnnla 100Ml 0Mg Short Fill

VNNLA is the original vanilla custard flavour. I should have perhaps tried this first but I saved it till last as this I would feel is the base to all of the other flavours. The smell is a nice creamy custard flavour. The inhale brings nice notes of vanilla custard. The exhale is super smooth, very creamy and rather nice vanilla custard. It could do with being a tad stronger by my own preference but it is definitely and undeniably a nice take on vanilla custard.


Overall this is a pretty good line. There is not a flavour that I would consider to be poor or disappointing. My only criticism is that in some of the stronger, bolder flavours, the custard struggles to come into its own. I would not go as far as saying this is the best custard out there, but by far it is not the worst either. As a line, this is one to watch out for and at its price point, I would definitely recommend giving it a try. Is there room to expand this line? yes, there is, I’d like to see Just Jam raspberry and a biscuit custard brought in.


Since writing this review KSTRD has brought out these 4 custard-based flavours in a KSTRD Nic Salt range in both 10mg and 20mg.

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