Top 15 Vaping Problems Answered Today

15 Vaping Problems Answers

Vaping should be an enjoyable experience from the start, little things can turn it into a frustrating experience that could force you back to smoking. We’ve put together a list of the top 15 vaping problems with multiple answers to help keep you from smoking.

If after reading these common problems you are still facing issues, please don’t hesitate to contact our customer support.

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1 Here are the Top 15 Vaping Problems

Here are the Top 15 Vaping Problems

My vape is dead and it won’t turn on?

Possible Answers:

1). Is your battery fully charged? If it’s a brand new kit they usually ship with a 20% or 40% charge but this isn’t guaranteed. Make sure the battery is fully charged using the charging cable which your device came with.

Ensure you do not plug the micro USB cable into any old charger, some USB plugs can output too much power to the battery and over time this will degrade your batteries lifespan. We recommend using a USB port on your PC/Laptop or a plug that states “0.5A” output.

2). The device could be locked or switched off, check if you’ve pressed the power button too often and turned it off. The majority of vape devices and batteries can be turned on and off by clicking the firing button a number of times in quick succession. These features vary between devices but it’s usually 5 quick presses. Check your user manual for more details.

3). Your vape could be in “Stealth Mode“, certain vape devices with a lot of configurable options have a feature within the menu to allow you to vape without the screen lighting up. If your mod has this option, click the fire button 3 times to enter the menu and turn stealth mode off, once again this feature differs between devices so if all else fails please check the instruction manual.

#2 My vape won’t detect my tank or atomiser

Possible Answers:

1). This problem can occur when you have a poor connection between your battery and atomiser. Unscrew the atomiser from the device and ensure all contacts are clean and shiny. Be sure to not screw it back on at an angle and ensure you do not damage the 510 threads or over tighten.

If your seeing damage to your tank it may be time to replace your tank with something new, we have a large variety of sub-ohm tanks and clearomizers to choose from.

2). Older tanks and atomisers come with an adjustable 510 connector, using A small flat head screwdriver gently unscrew the 510 connector head counterclockwise to extend it allowing it to make a better connection.

3). Check your coil as it may be time to change it. Vape coils have a limited lifespan and are a common cause of most vaping problems. Depending on your vaping style you can expect different results from them. MTL devices should give you 1-2 weeks of moderate use as they are run at a much lower wattage in comparison to sub-ohm tanks where coils can last from 3 days to a week or more.

#3: I’m getting a gurgling sound when I vape and it keeps leaking

Possible Answers:

1). Ensure you have not overfilled your tank or flooded your coil. Unscrew the tank and either remove some of the liquid. This can get messy so ensure you do it outside or onto some tissue paper.

2). Check your battery levels as when your battery is low the device won’t be sending the optimum amount of power to the coil causing it to heat up the liquid but not fully vaporise resulting in gurgling sounds and leaking through the airflow.

#4: My coils are burning out very quickly

Possible Answers:

1). Ensure you are running your coils at the recommended wattage by the manufacturer, this information is clearly indicated on the side of each coil or the back of the packet. We recommend priming your coils before use or leaving the new coil to sit in the tank of e-liquid for a few minutes before first use.

2). Upon the first use of a new coil in your tank slowly build up to your desired wattage in increments of 5 watts, this will ensure you are not burning your coil from the get-go and will aid the wicking/priming of the new coil.

3). If the above does not help then it may be worth looking at using a different e-liquid and see if that helps. Vaping liquids contain many different ingredients and some have more sweeteners included than others, those sweeteners can sometimes cause coils to burn out quicker especially when run at a high wattage.

It’s tempting but mixing different brands of pre-made e-liquid together to create fun flavours can cause extremely sweet flavours which could drastically reduce the life of your coils. We recommend sticking to a single flavour for each coil to ensure maximum flavour and reliability.

If you are looking to make your own e-liquids we have a wide choice of flavour concentrates available to get you started.

#5: I keep getting dry hits from my vape and it’s hurting my throat

Possible Answer:

This is a very common problem with vaping and it’s usually down to one or two easily fixable things. Your coil likely needs changing most people get between 1 to 2 weeks from a single-coil however some people only 3-4 days it really depends on the quality of the vape liquid and what wattage you are running your vape kit at. It could also be the restrictiveness of the airflow settings on your tank.

There are so many variables when vaping but the ones listed above are usually the first things to try before giving up or seeking further help.

6: How can I get the best life out of my vape coils

Possible Answer:

By using the same vape liquid and not switching between multiple flavours on a single coil. Every e-liquid is made using different ingredients so running different vape juices through the same coil without changing it will reduce the lifespan of that vape coil.

#7: I want bigger clouds and more flavour what are my options

Possible Answer:

Your liquid is not “High VG” which means the percentage of Vegetable Glycerin is below 70%. If you are using a 5050 eliquid this is likely because you have an MTL (Mouth to Lung) device designed more for a higher nicotine experience and less flavour and clouds.

This is why vaping is split into two categories, sub-ohm & mouth-to-lung. If your after big clouds and lots of flavours you would need to look into purchasing a sub-ohm tank however due to the amount of vapour these devices produce it’s strongly advised to use less nicotine normally around 0.3% or 3MG.

#8: I’m starting to crave cigarettes again but I don’t want to smoke

Possible Answer:

You may need to increase your nicotine strength. For example, if you have been consistently using a 6mg liquid on an MTL (mouth to lung) device, try moving up to 12mg for a week or two until the cravings pass, then eventually start moving back to 6mg. Don’t ever be afraid to increase your nicotine levels if you feel it’s needed.

#9: One of my batteries is draining faster than the other

Possible Answer:

1). This is a common issue with e-cigarettes otherwise known as “Box Mods” or “Mods” that take 2 or more batteries and even more often when they are being charged daily via the USB cable and not an external charger. We advise rotating your batteries every time you need to charge the mod, this will ensure that not one single battery is taking the brunt of all that power you are using.

2). Depending on the age of your batteries and their history if they are second hand or borrowed from a friend it may be time to replace them. We sell a good selection of 18650 and 21700 batteries which are all assured by us and our suppliers. Every battery purchased from us will display all the required safety warnings and “Not Blowing Smoke Ltd” so everyone can easily identify where they originated from.

#10: I’m continuously dropping my vape and cracking my glass tank

Possible Answers:

1). Try and be more careful with how you transport and look after your kit, we know this sounds obvious but vape kits are not indestructible and frequent drops can cause your kit to completely fail beyond repair.

2). Vape bands or a simple household elastic band wrapped around the glass of your tank could really help you. They are inexpensive but could save you from cracking your glass at the most inconvenient of times.

You can purchase replacement glasses, extendable bubble glasses and vape bands to fit most tanks from our accessories section.

#11: My batteries are draining very fast, what can I do?

Possible Answers:

1). Your batteries may not be the correct ones for the setup you’re using, if you are the owner of a sub-ohm device your tank will likely be drawing a lot of power from the device especially if you fire it above 75 watts. The mAh rating on your batteries will indicate the amount of power each cell can store. Sony VTC6 batteries are rated at 2500 mAh while Samsung 30Q’s are rated at 3000 mAh. That extra 500 mAh could give you that extra bit of daily usage you need.

2). The way you charge your batteries could also be at play here, we always recommend using an external charger over the USB cable which your device came with. External chargers allow you to charge your batteries quicker and more safely than via a USB cable. The cable will charge your batteries and if you’re on a budget feel free to use it for that but it’s not what it was designed for, they are for firmware updates to your device.

We sell a variety of external battery chargers, from popular and trusted brands such as Nitecore & Efest.

#12: I’m struggling to find an e-liquid flavour that I actually like

Possible Answer:

Finding your perfect all day vape can be a chore, we advise using our flavour menu to narrow down flavours that you know you like, we have over 2000 different eliquid flavours to choose from so there will definitely be something you like. If you’re not sure about something then purchase the smallest bottle size possible or try in your local vape shop and then shop online with us for the best price.

#13: I’m not getting a big enough throat hit from my vape

Possible Answer:

Every ex-smoker craves that throat hit, typically the higher your nicotine strength the greater the throat hit will be. If you have recently started vaping and been suggested nicotine salts with your first kit or been using disposable vapes then this may be the problem. Nicotine Salts are a newer form of nicotine that has almost zero throat hits and are incredibly smooth while delivering a high dose of nicotine. Try moving back to a freebase nicotine product such as a vampire vape flavour.

#14: What’s the best way to clean my e-cig

Possible Answer:

This one is really simple but asked frequently, taking apart all the non-electrical parts of your vape kit and running them under warm water is the easiest way to keep them clean between coil changes. Alternatively, if you build your own coils and use an RDA a lot of people buy small jewellery cleaners otherwise known as ultrasonic cleaners. You can find these online for very cheap and they do a great job at cleaning your ecig.

#15: Why can’t I buy larger bottles of e-liquid in strengths higher than 0mg?

Possible Answer:

This is due to the TPD also known as the Tobacco Products Directive a law that was passed by the EU in 2017. This has restricted the sale of nicotine-containing products to 2ml for closed pod systems and 10ml for e-liquid bottles. It’s been 4 years since this law was introduced but it is up for review in 2021 with a possibility of a revised TPD2 in 2022.

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