6 Reasons Why Vapers Shop Online

6 Reasons Why Vapers Shop Online In 2021

Online vape shops sprung up as vaping took off over the last decade, but nothing compares to the increase in trade over the last 18 months – here are the 6 reasons why.

Only three UK vape shops were selling online in 2012 and the beginning of 2013. Of those, only one carried stock as the other two would sell out within minutes of listing an item. Gradually, other entrepreneurs saw an opportunity to cater to a growing market. Within the next twelve months, it was difficult to keep up with the number of new start-ups. What is driving this demand? Here are the 6 reasons vapers shop online.

1: Accessibility

A decade ago, e-liquid was mainly sourced from a few DIY vaping enthusiasts who decided to make a production line in their kitchen. Quality standards and ingredient choice were voluntary, but meanwhile, there was a thriving independent British manufacturing base. The high-quality, small-batch run mods and atomisers rarely made it to UK vape shops though as they tended to be sold through lists on secretive forums. This brings us to the first reason: accessibility

The boom in online vape shops was matched by ones in Europe, the Philippines, the USA, and China. Smokers didn’t need to struggle to find devices and eliquid offerings were becoming streamlined and professional.

2: Convenience

Want to buy a premium vape liquid at midnight? You have suddenly discovered that your vape juice stock is running low? It now takes a couple of minutes to create an order online instead of waiting for your local vape shop to open or drive to the nearest one and struggle to park.

Online purchasing in the UK also benefits from a range of outstanding, reliable, and prompt delivery options, combined with the incredible range of options now open to vapers.

3: Trading Standards

Online UK vape shops must conform to several laws including one that says they must post a physical address on the website. This means that you can be assured that your purchase is not being made with a fly-by-night operator.

4: UK Legislation

The quality of the ingredients in UK vape liquid is assured by laws that dictate things such as what chemical compounds are not allowed to be used, its sell-by date, and that all brands must undertake expensive testing.

Also, online purchases are covered by consumer rights which guarantee online shoppers’ peace of mind.

5: Range

With different online UK vape shops choosing different products to stock, it is possible to buy any of the thousands of premium and standard vape liquids. The same goes for the electronic mods, tanks, coils, pods, and accessories.

6: Price

It used to be cheaper to purchase directly from China, but with the huge number of online vape shops and the vast range on offer, prices have come under pressure and tumbled. It is exceptionally rare to find something cheaper from abroad, especially now that most overseas orders come with a demand for tax payment from the courier. Consequently, it’s never been cheaper to buy UK vape juice and e cig products from your favourite online vape shop.

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