Read Cochrane’s Review of E-Cig Efficacy

cochrane vaping research

Cochrane’s members are based in more than 130 countries, a truly worldwide effort to examine the truth about vaping. Its findings are trustworthy because “We do not accept commercial or conflicted funding. This is vital for us to generate authoritative and reliable information, working freely, unconstrained by commercial and financial interests.” It believes that while […]

What Do Politicians Think About Electronic Cigarettes?

Looking at what politicians understand about e-cigs

The European Commission put its Beating Cancer plan to the European Parliament to allow the politicians to compile a report detailing amendments and finalising a strategy for the block to combat the scourge of cancer. The plan was widely lambasted by nicotine consumer groups for its poor treatment of vaping and tobacco harm reduction in […]

Research Finds No Support For Tougher Vape Regulation

Research by the Scottish Grocers’ Federation finds a lack of public support for tougher ecig regulation

Research conducted by the Scottish Grocers’ Federation has discovered a lack of public support for stiffer regulation of tobacco harm reduction products such as vaping equipment. Its findings come at a time when many are calling for a relaxation of restrictions following Brexit in order to encourage more smokers to switch to electronic cigarettes. The […]

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