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Is Vaping In UK Schools A Problem?

Is Vaping In Uk Schools A Problem?

“Anecdotal reports from teachers suggest that underage vaping is becoming increasingly common,” reports the Times Educational Supplement, a newspaper for educators. Research from Action on Smoking and Health suggests it isn’t a widespread issue, and researchers at University College London believe those who do vape aren’t at risk of smoking later in life. What did […]

Are Teenagers Vaping?

Are Teenagers Vaping?

While e-cigs are praised for the success they have in helping smokers quit, some vocal groups worry about vaping’s ability to ensnare teens and lead them on to smoking tobacco products. Electronic cigarettes have been roundly recognised as being a massive success in helping smokers to quit and driving down population smoking percentages at an […]

Deepfake Exposes America’s Problem With Vaping

Deepfake Exposes America'S Problem With Vaping

The UK government supports smokers switching to using e-cigarettes from UK vape and juice shops. The same can’t be said across the other side of the Atlantic – and nothing exemplifies the divergence in our approaches than the tale of a mother who produced deepfake photos and a video. How is vaping seen in the […]

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