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Is Bright Packaging Encouraging Children To Vape?

Is Bright Packaging Encouraging Children To Vape?

Education professionals and some people working in marketing believe that colourful packaging is driving young people into taking up vaping. National radio phone-in shows this week have heard similar comments – but does the UK have a teen vape crisis? What have education professionals said? A deputy head at a secondary school in Nottinghamshire has […]

Vaping Banned at Qatar’s Fifa 2022 World Cup

Vaping Banned In Qatar Stadiums For Fifa 2022

Fifa World Cup 2022 is about to kick off in Qatar but e-liquid and e-cig users need to be careful as the nation’s ban extends beyond the terraces. Fifa Qatar’s World Cup organisers are promising a festival of football from 30th November to 18th December. Are you planning to visit to enjoy the atmosphere or […]

Good COPs and Bad COPs

Vaping &Amp; Climate Change, Good Cops &Amp; Bad Cops

A World Health Organisation (WHO) conference concerned with electronic cigarettes is currently underway (COP9), but it compares unfavourably with the one taking place addressing the environment (COP26). Independent advocates for e-cigs and vape consumers have been banned from viewing the discussions. COP9 is discussing ways of treating vaping around the world, coming up with policies […]

PayPal Leaves the Vape Industry Behind

E-Liquids Uk Parting Ways With Paypal After 6 Years

E Liquids UK customers have contacted us asking what happened to the option to pay for orders by PayPal. Unfortunately, this has become an industry-wide issue and we responded promptly to ensure that secure alternative options are available. This article explains the events that led to this point. We first faced problems with PayPal back […]

The Case For Flavours

The Case For E-Liquid Flavours

Flavoured e-liquid is under attack from politicians and vested interests. In America, the Land of the Free, flavours are being banned state by state, and the Food and Drug Administration has already forced pod makers into removing many of their flavoured offerings available in other countries. When Massachusetts banned juice flavours, Professor Michael Siegel commented […]

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