Drip Fried By FRYD E-Juice Review

Drip Fried E-Liquids By Fryd

Drip Fried is a new subline of liquids brought to you by the guys over at FRYD E-liquids. This is a US company from Los Angeles, California. I am personally a big fan of their FRYD Banana and FRYD Cookie but have not and will not attempt the FRYD Watermelon (cannot stand watermelon).

Now FRYD brings us Drip Fried cream cakes and Drip Fried ice cream. Two flavours that if the previous quality is anything to go by should be very good indeed. Both of these liquids are 50ml short fills giving the option to add a nicotine shot if required. They are blended to 80vg/20pg

I also reviewed FRYD Banana and FRYD Cookie check out that review right here.

Drip Fried – Cream CakesFryd - Fried Cream Cakes 50Ml Short Fill

I am known for my love of dessert e-liquids and have a major sweet tooth so this should go down well. Drip Friend cream cakes are inspired by the taste of the American cake called Twinkies! Little sponge cake with a creamy filling. For the review, I will be using the dead rabbit RDA for both liquids. Opening up the bottle the smell reminds me of the Liquid EFX fried cream cakes ( I absolutely love that stuff ) this gave me high hopes for this liquid too.

Inhale is a delicious cake type of flavour. It almost reminds me of a doughnut type liquid. There is a lot of flavours here there’s a hint of the distinctive FRYD flavouring at the end. If you have tried any of their liquids you will know that taste. It’s hard to describe in words, in fact, I have sat there trying to work out how to describe it and the only way I can come up with is almost like a fritter type taste. Definitely gives the impression of a fried cake though! Exhaling allows much more of that fried taste to come out and if you exhale nice and slowly some great creamy notes come out too. With the cream, there are nice tones of vanilla coming through. This is a very cloudy liquid but with that comes a great smell that fills the room. This is a cracking liquid and in fact, I would place this ever so slightly above the Liquid EFX fried cream cakes.


Drip Fried – Ice CreamFryd - Cream Cookie 50Ml Short Fill

Deep-fried ice cream, how does that even work? In liquid form however we are about to find out. As appealing as this is to me it is a strange type of flavour and not one I have seen before. For that, it makes it more appealing but difficult to judge at the same time as there is nothing to compare it to.

Again taking a sniff to see what it smells like I can only really smell the fried smell like the others in the lines. Inhaling, very special! This is a lovely creamy inhale which cannot be mistaken for ice cream. In at the end of this is that now distinctive fried flavour. There is an almost cake-like element to this too. Exhale pretty much the same but far creamier than the inhale and some nice undertones of vanilla. Incredibly sweet but I have vaped the whole bottle and my coils remained in pretty good condition.

I really enjoyed both of these flavours and will definitely be getting more in the future.

You can purchase all these vape liquids from their online vape shop.

Further research since writing this leads me to wonder if this is a subline or a rebranding of an original flavour. There was a FRYD Cream Cakes previously but the artwork on the labelling was different. Likewise, on the Ice cream, there are bottles with the original type of artwork and branding available.


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