FRYD Banana & Cookies & Cream Review

Fryd E-Liquids - Review 2018


Welcome to my review of two flavours from FRYD E-Liquids. You have either found yourself here first or came here after reading my Drip Fried review. Either way, I hope you enjoy.

FRYD E-Liquids are an American company based out of Los Angeles, California. This is not my first time trying these liquids but it is my first review of them. Both are firm favourites of mine and have been since the first time I tried them. The FRYD line consists of Banana, Cookies and Cream, Watermelon and Cream Cake. I will not be reviewing watermelon as there is nothing about that flavour that appeals. I cannot actually stand the taste of watermelon in any form. Cream Cake was not available, however, on the Drip fried review, one of the liquids is Drip Fried Cream Cakes. This I would imagine being close enough. No spoilers on that juice here, you will have to read the review to find out more.

The FRYD range comes in 50ml shortfill bottles allowing the optional addition of a nicotine shot (sold separately). Both liquids are a Max VG blend so plenty of clouds here.

FRYD BananaFryd - Fried Banana 50Ml Short Fill

FRYD Banana, when I tried this the first time around it was the first liquid of the line I had ever tried. The smell alone of this one was enough to make me want to vape it straight away. I am using the dead rabbit to review this liquid. The smell from the bottle is a foam banana type of smell. Very nice and smelt very sweet. With the inhale you get this amazing banana taste, it does still remind me of foam bananas but much nicer. Towards the end of the inhale I get a subtle taste of butterscotch which works very well with the banana. The exhale makes the banana work harder. You start to get hints of cream and a slight biscuit taste underneath. Right at the end, the butterscotch comes back. The aftertaste is the sweet banana again and this lingers in your mouth for ages.

As it is max VG the clouds are very dense and fill the room with the same banana smell that you can taste. It is a lovely liquid and one of the better banana flavours I have tried.

FRYD Cookies & CreamFryd - Cream Cookie 50Ml Short Fill

Fryd Cookies Cream Eliquid Review 2018

This was pitched to me as an Oreo type eliquid. I had to have it and try it out for myself. It was not long before I had tried this juice that I fell in love with Oreo cookies. The chance to vape a liquid tasting like them, wow, I jumped at the chance.

So again on the dead rabbit RDA. The smell from the bottle is mostly chocolate. Inhaling you get a mixture of chocolates and a cake like flavour with what I can only describe as a fresh fried doughnut taste. How they have even bottled that type of flavour I will never know but it is beautiful. The exhale brings out more of a cookie taste and a nice vanilla cream almost sandwiched between the cookie and chocolate. I guess you really could describe this as an Oreo cookie as it has all the makings of a real one. The cake that you taste on the inhale is at the end of the exhale but much more subtle than before. It is the cookie that lingers on in this one.