Summer Lovin’ & Vaping In Hot Weather

How The Summer Weather Can Effect Vaping

The heatwave in the UK prompts us to look at how temperatures can affect vaping, the safety aspects, things to consider and other general tips.

Are you going off to the beach for a holiday? A camping trip, maybe? Or are you planning on popping to the supermarket to get something in for the BBQ instead? Whatever you are up to, the current heatwave can have some serious implications for the summer vaper. Here is everything you need to know about using electronic cigarettes in the summer.

This article is being written on a keyboard that is beginning to melt and the table is on fire. Summer 2021 is proving to be a scorcher, but what does this mean for UK e-liquid and products you bought from a UK vape shop?

How does heat change UK vape liquid?

Eliquid consists of two main components. Propylene glycol (PG) is a runny, clear liquid, vegetable glycerine (VG) is a thicker, sweet liquid. PG is used in greater quantities in Mouth-To-Lung e-liquids, VG is used in greater quantities in Direct-To-Lung e-liquids.

When e-liquid is heated up it thins and becomes more viscous, runnier.

How will a hotter e-liquid change my vaping?

Two things will happen when the heatwave heats e-liquid up. First, it will flow along the wick to the coil faster. Secondly, if it isn’t being evaporated by being vaped, it will start to flood the atomiser deck and possibly spill out of the airflow holes. Flooding is a feature familiar to those who DIY.

What can I do to combat this?

If you are using stock coil heads from your UK vape shop then your option is limited to changing the type of vape juice you use.

If you build your own coils, it’s time to start wicking with more cotton than you’d normally put in.

Should I change my e-liquid during hot days?

If you are finding your UK vape juice is causing you problems on hot days, then the solution is to go thicker – which means buy something with more VG in it. Maybe this is an ideal opportunity to try out one of those VG-heavy liquids?

What if I can’t change my wick or use a heavier e-liquid?

There is one final solution to flooding issues if you are already using a heavy VG juice and it’s hunting down a top airflow tank from your favourite UK vape shop.

Most tanks on the market have airflow coming from the bottom of the Atty. A top airflow tank goes about things in a different way and could help you have to constantly clean up a mess.

Is there anything else I need to think about during the long hot days?

  • Yes, consider all of the following:
  • Store e-liquid in the fridge or other cool place
  • Do not leave mods, e-liquid and tanks in the car
  • Do not leave batteries in direct sunlight or the car
  • Going to the beach? Take your kit in plastic boxes or ziplock bags


Finally, always remember to keep hydrated!

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