Is Vaping Expensive?

Is Vaping Expensive?

While its proven that switching from smoking to vaping can save you a lot of money – it’s also true that vaping could get extremely expensive.

One of the key drivers smokers have for switching to vaping is to save money. Not only is vaping safer than smoking but it is great for your bank balance. But, if you choose to go beyond premium vape liquids and devices from your UK vape shop, it is possible to spend an eye-watering amount – and we will show you just how much!

Vape liquid is much cheaper than a pack of twenty cigarettes, and using approved uk vape liquid is much healthier than smoking, but just how much could you spend if you decide to break your budget? There are some amazingly expensive vaping devices out there and, if you go travelling, there are some rather costly countries to vape in.

How much can vape mods cost?

Regular mods for your e-liquid can cost anywhere from £20 for a very simple vape kit to over £100 for something that offers a load of functions such as temperature control or a high wattage output.

Handmade vape kits cost more than mass produced products from China due to the time and skill it takes to make them. The higher the reputation of the maker, the more in demand and expensive these desirable pieces can be.

A popular form of material is wood as this can be crafted into a multitude of shapes from pipes to side-by-side devices and box mods. Prices can run from £250 for a simple Vapesmarter mod to over £1000 for a Gepetto made mod. Due to the limited numbers, collectors can get carried away on auction sites and Gepettos have been known to go for over £4000 secondhand.

Delrin is also a popular material and craftsmen such as Limelight are constantly innovating with new designs, but as soon as we get onto the subject of machining metals costs can soar. Initially using lathes, quality manufacturers who have lasted the distance have reinvested in expensive CNC machinery.

Hellfire are one such company, specialising in highly sought after high-end products since vaping first became a thing in the United Kingdom. They have produced small batches of hybrids, atomisers, squonkers, mechanical tubes, an all-in-one device, and regulated mods – with titanium versions carrying a premium price and secondhand values holding firm due to demand

And this hasn’t even touched on the basic Shisha Sticks’ Sofia covered in 246 two-carat crystal diamonds that cost a Russian billionaire £550,000!

The Worlds Most Expensive E-Cigarette
The Worlds Most Expensive Vape Featuring 246 Crystal Diamonds – £550,000.

Vaping abroad can also be expensive

UK vape shops like us stock a wide range of affordable alternatives to smoking, but the same can’t be said for some other countries.

Devices can cost three times the price in Australia and using a nicotine-containing eliquid without an Australian doctor’s prescription could land you with a fine of up to £25,000.

While tax rates in some European countries can double the cost that you would usually pay for eliquid, America leads the world in prohibitive taxes. Some states such as Minnesota load as much as 95% onto the retail price of a bottle.

Fortunately, the UK government currently values electronic cigarettes as a great tool to reduce the harm caused by smoking tobacco.

For a full list of country restrictions on vaping please read our recent article: Where Can I Vape Abroad?

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