5 Social Benefits of Vaping over Traditional Cigarettes

Quit Smoking And Start Vaping!

For any individual to recognise a better alternative in life, they must be able to recognise the benefits of a new approach. It’s no different for smokers of traditional cigarettes and tobacco. Though many will have read the many articles and stories about how electronic vaping is healthier and safer than smoking cigarettes, until you put the benefits down in black and white it’s difficult to understand just how different life could be.

With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of five undoubted social benefits of vaping over cigarettes, changing your life and the lives of your loved ones for the better:

1. Vaping does not have a distinctive bad smell
As most traditional smokers would admit, it’s very obvious when they have been outside having a cigarette. The smell lingers on their fingers, on their clothes and even in their hair. It’s a smell that can permeate throughout living space, irritating non-smokers immensely. The smell of cigarettes is so pungent because you’re not only burning tobacco within the cigarette, you’re also burning other chemicals and tar inside it. On the flip side, e-cigarettes do not carry the same odours as vapers exhale the vapour which evaporates into the air in an instant.

2. Vaping is considerably cheaper than smoking normal cigarettes
If you find yourself living on a strict budget and you still want to be able to enjoy the feeling of smoking, vaping can be enjoyed much more cheaply than a cigarette habit. While most electronic vaping starter kits will cost more than a standard packet of cigarettes, the monthly cost long-term is barely a tenth of the amount an average cigarette smoker will spend; giving you more money to enjoy elsewhere.

3. Vaping maintains fresher breath
Traditional cigarette smokers find it difficult when it comes to their love life. Dating non-smokers can be very tricky as they will often struggle to live with your smokers’ breath. Fortunately, vaping can help maintain fresher breath. With many flavours of e-cigarettes to choose from, it’s possible to leave your mouth feeling fresher and more socially appealing to the opposite sex.

4. Preparation of your e-cigarette is unobtrusive
Using your electronic vaper is a walk in the park, too. It’s a very low-maintenance device – you simply charge up your vaper using a USB port and once it is fully charged you can unplug and use it to your heart’s content.

5. Vaping feels like smoking without the health side effects
On the whole, vaping gives a smoker all the feeling and enjoyment of smoking, without the unwanted side effects to your health. It provides smokers with the hand-to-mouth action that long-term smokers crave; it gives smokers that same hit on the back of their throat when they breathe in, and it also gives them the rewarding exhalation at the end. Vaping has become far more socially acceptable than cigarettes in the 21st century and now’s the time for you to give it a try!

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