Why Samsung Don’t Want You To Use Their Batteries

Samsung Don'T Want Their Batteries Associated With Vaping

For many years, Samsung lithium-ion batteries have ranked as some of the most popular cells to use in a vape device. Praised by reviewers and vapers, they have been must-stock items for a lot of the vape industry. However, due to adverse publicity, mainly in the United States, Samsung has taken to demanding that their products be removed from sale in the United Kingdom.

What did reviewers say about Samsung li-ion cells?

The Battery Mooch has been conducting regular comprehensive testing on batteries for his YouTube channel. His advice always focussed on scientific facts resulting from this work and earned him the respect of the e-cig community.

For one Samsung battery, he said: “This is a great performing cell. [It] not only has increased capacity … but it performs MUCH better too, giving … more vaping time at high current levels … and appears to have a true 30A rating.”

For another of Samsung’s products, he concluded: “[It is an] amazing performer at 25A/35A…This cell outperforms every 18650 and 20700 in regulated devices at up to about 20A-25A (60W-75W).”

Samsung 30T 21700 Battery 3000Mah
Mooch Has Tested Hundreds Of Batteries For Vaping.

What does this mean?

In short, the lithium-ion cells are perfectly safe to use for any purpose providing the user doesn’t stress the battery outside of its manufacturer stated limitations.

So, what has happened to make Samsung act?

Some people have acted irresponsibly. They have carried batteries loosely in pockets or bags, along with keys or coins, and caused a short circuit. Some have not been diligent at ensuring their atomiser coil isn’t shorting. The short circuits have caused the batteries to vent and, like this and this example show, Americans have been swift to blame Samsung for their own mistakes.

The result is that these accidents have cost Samsung a lot of money in legal fees and the company has decided to try to stop any vapers from using their products in future.

What is Samsung doing?

If you have been looking for a Samsung battery recently you may have noticed that most vape stores are no longer stocking them.

Samsung has contracted Keystone Law in the United Kingdom and the legal firm has sent letters to businesses, trade bodies, and other entities such as online vape forums.

The letter claims that using Samsung batteries in a vape device poses a “very serious risk of explosion and fire causing property damage personal injury and even death.”

It demands all electronic cigarette businesses:

  • Stop selling Samsung batteries
  • Inform Samsung of the name of their supplier so it can block further sales
  • Communicate Samsung’s cease and desist to our customers

So What Batteries Should I Use for my Vape?

If you look at the E-Liquids.UK website, you will see that there are other brands of trustworthy, genuine batteries in stock in the full range of sizes.

These are popular brands and have all been rated by The Battery Mooch. I strongly recommend that you try the VapCell K30 and the VapCell B30 as they are very reliable and safe cells for vaping.

Vapcell B30 3000Mah 18650 Battery
The Vapcell B30 18650 Costs Just £6.99.

Please also take 3 minutes to read our guide:5 Simple Battery Rules You Should Follow”.

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