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Fresh Vaping Evidence From Cochrane

Fresh Vaping Evidence From Cochrane

Fresh Vaping Evidence supporting the use of electronic cigarettes has been released by the widely respected Cochrane Tobacco Addiction Group (Cochrane TAG). The work by Cochrane is truly independent, conducted by academics at British universities, and funded by Cancer Research UK. The team at Cochrane TAG produce rolling evidence updates, called a living systematic review, […]

Why Should You Recycle Your Vape & Batteries?

Why You Should Recycle Your Vape &Amp; Batteires

It is imperative that electronic cigarette users dispose of old batteries and sealed devices safely and as a responsible vendor we are happy to help recycle your items and protect the planet. The other week, we touched on battery safety and how switching from tobacco cigarettes to vaping reduced house fires. When lithium-ion vape batteries […]

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