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Formaldehyde In Vapes… Is It A Concern?

Do I Need To Be Worried About Formaldehyde?

One of the most common half-truths spread about vaping is the fear that it produces formaldehyde – but what do the experts believe? One of the most common half-truths spread about vaping is the fear that it produces formaldehyde. Stories are spread in the media that try to whip up fear of electronic cigarettes, and […]

Does Vaping Help Users Quit Smoking

Researching Into Vaping

A team at King’s College London’s Department of Addictions has done a study into why smokers make the switch to vape products, and why they sometimes swap back. The results of the study were published in this month’s Drug and Alcohol Dependence journal. Getting down to it The study is titled “What factors are associated […]

5 Simple Battery Rules You Should Follow

18650 Battery Safety Rules

The 18650 battery is by far the most common cell used in the vape industry and powering over 90% of e-cigarettes for sale. These cells are compact, great-value and simple to look after but like any electronics should be used carefully and responsibly. We think that it’s important to discuss what you should and shouldn’t […]

British Psychological Society Backs E-Cigarettes

British Psychological Society Back E-Cigarettes

The British Psychological Society has joined a growing number of official British organisations that are now supporting the use of electronic cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes can help people to stop smoking and can achieve dramatic health improvements by doing so. A new report has led to this endorsement as a means to fight against the 96,000 […]

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