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UK Plans To Ban Disposable Vapes

Rishi Sunak Plans To Ban Disposable Vapes In 2024

The UK Government, led by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, has announced plans to ban disposable vapes and introduce new restrictions on vape flavours. This approach aims to address the alarming rise of vaping among children and protect them from the potential health risks associated with nicotine dependency. But how quickly will this proposed ban come […]

Teenage Vaping: What’s the Harm?

Bbc Panorama - Teenage Vaping What'S The Harm?

Teenage Vaping: What’s the Harm? A Closer Look at the Environmental and Health Impact of Disposable Vapes In a recent BBC episode of Panorama titled “Teenage Vaping: What’s the Harm?”, the popular investigative journalism program shed light on the concerning rise of teenage vaping and its potential harm to both the environment and children’s health. […]

No ID, No Sale! Our New Age Verification System


England, Wales and Scotland have introduced a law that prohibits the sale of e-cigarettes to those under 18 and we expect to see similar laws introduced in Northern Ireland very soon. As we are a 100% online vape shop this makes our job of verifying peoples age that little bit more difficult. While we were […]

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