E-Liquids UK Partners with Super Payments

E-Liquids Uk Partners With Super Payments

E-Liquids UK Partners with Super Payments to Offer Customers a New Payment Option

We are excited to announce a new partnership with online payment provider Super Payments. Starting today, customers will be able to pay for their vapes and e-liquid orders using Super Payments alongside more traditional options like credit and debit cards.

Super Payments is a digital payment gateway that allows customers to pay online quickly and securely without needing to enter sensitive credit card details. Instead of cards, Super Payments uses a system of digital wallets that are funded with bank transfers or debit payments. This provides an extra layer of security for customers while still offering the convenience of paying online.

E-Liquids UK customers, using Super Payments offers several key benefits over credit and debit cards:

Extra Security

When using Super Payments, customers do not need to enter any card numbers when checking out. This eliminates the risk of card details being stolen if a site suffers a data breach. All that is needed is an email address and password to login to the Super Payments wallet. Funds can also be transferred to the wallet using a bank transfer for added protection.

Faster Checkout

Checking out with Super Payments is significantly faster than entering credit card information. Customers simply need to login with their email and password instead of inputting long card numbers, security codes, and other details. This streamlined process means orders can be placed in just a few clicks.

Cost Savings with Super Payments

Unlike cards, there are no processing fees attached to Super Payments transactions. This allows E-Liquids UK to offer lower prices and more competitive rates to customers choosing this payment method. Savings on transaction costs are passed directly back to customers at checkout.

More Flexibility

Once funds are deposited into the Super Payments wallet, they can be used to pay multiple merchants. Customers get more value out of each deposit since the balance isn’t tied to a single store or brand. Extra funds can also be withdrawn securely back to a linked bank account.


With automatic login details saved, future purchases on the E-Liquids UK site are even quicker than the first. Customers don’t need to re-enter sensitive information or fumble for a card each time. One click payments make reorders a breeze.

With these clear advantages, E-Liquids UK believes Super Payments will become the preferred choice for many customers. To celebrate the new partnership, all orders placed with Super Payments during November will receive 10% off their total. This limited time discount provides additional savings and incentives to try the new payment method.

For new customers, setting up a Super Payments account is simple. Visit the Super Payments website and click “Register” to create a profile. The sign up process only takes a few minutes to complete. Once verified, funds can be deposited securely from a linked bank account allowing the balance to be used immediately on the E-Liquids UK site.

E-Liquids Uk Partners With Super Payments

E-Liquids UK and Super Payments are both committed to delivering the best possible payment experience for customers. By working together, they aim to offer a checkout that is faster, safer, and more convenient than traditional card transactions. With its added security features and savings on processing fees, Super Payments may quickly become the preferred choice over debit and credit cards.

We encourage all our customers to try out Super Payments on their next order to experience the benefits firsthand. Those who make the switch will find all the advantages of online shopping without the downsides of entering private financial information or sitting through slow credit card processing.

With Super Payments, it’s just one simple login and the order is on its way!

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