Vape Dinner Lady Nic Salts Review

Vape Dinner Lady Salts Range

Vape Dinner Lady, one of the more popular UK brands in the e-liquid industry has branched out into the Nicotine Salts market and brought 3 of their more popular flavours into this new range.

Nicotine salts give you a higher dose of nicotine, without that nasty throat hit, but an almost instant satisfaction in terms of calming that nicotine craving. These are not recommended for sub-ohm vaping and are particularly suited to pod devices such as the Mi-Pod.

If you are looking for the original Dinner Lady reviews then check out my previous post here. The salts flavours I am going to be looking at today are Lemon Tart, Blackberry Crumble and Cola Shades. Pricing on these is £4.99 for 10ml at a strength of 20mg (throat hit is like a 3-6mg and mix ratio is 50/50). For each e-liquid, I will be using the Mi-Pod device. Using a fresh pod for each.

Lemon Tart Lemon Tart 20Mg Nic Salt

Probably one of the most famous flavours that have been marketed to the industry in a long time I was pleased to see this form part of the salts line up. The smell is exactly as I remember the original lemon tart to be. The liquid seemed thicker than what I remember a 50/50 to actually be but wicking was pretty instant in the pod.

The flavour, well it was that distinctive vape dinner lady lemon tart. Lemon on the inhale with a touch of meringue. The exhale is as expected, lemon, meringue and pie. Well blended and pretty much the same as the original liquid. If you liked that you will enjoy this too.

Blackberry CrumbleBlackberry Crumble 20Mg Nic Salt

This was my second favourite flavour from the original line up and another that I was pleased to see here. Smelling exactly the same as I remembered from the bottle, I did not expect it to taste any different to the original, given that lemon tart was just as good.

I was not wrong, a nice fresh blackberry inhales and an almost creamy buttery crumble to finish on the exhale. It a super flavour and very enjoyable.

Cola IceCola Shades 20Mg Nic Salt

First time for me on this one. I have to admit the summer holidays range never really appealed to me so I never reviewed it the first time around.

The smell from the bottle reminds me of cheap cola or cola bottles.

The inhale itself is a cool cola taste, this follows through into the exhale where it is more the same. The cheap smell equates to a cheap taste. Cola liquids will never win with me unless the Coca-Cola recipe is somehow transformed into e-liquid form. I have to admit this is one thing I am totally a brand loyalist, it’s Coca-Cola or nothing! This juice could, therefore, be wasted on me. As a cola fan, you may enjoy it. The balance of cola to ice is spot on, the taste, unfortunately, was not for me. I could have predicted that though!

I did find that the salts seemed a little on the weaker side to some of the other salts on the market and some other vapers I have spoken too said the same too. That said, the hit did give a nice feeling of actually getting a high dose of nicotine into my system. Overall the lemon tart and blackberry crumble win for me in terms of flavour and, well, they were my favourites originally anyway so it is nice to see that they have not lost any of the good flavours here!

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