KNDI E-Juice By Custom Vapes – Full Review

KNDI Eliquids by Custom Vapes UK

KNDI is an e-liquid brand from the UK produced in-house by Custom Vapes.

Today I am going to review the entire line which has initially launched with three flavours all inspired by your sweet shop favourites. The flavours I am going to be looking at are as follows: White Chocolate, Cotton Candy & Lemon Bon Bon.

All flavours are available from E Liquids UK in 50ml short fill bottles, add an optional nicotine shot to bring this up to a 60ml bottle size. Priced at £13.99 exclusive of nicotine shot. The ratio is 70/30 VG heavy.

Kndi Ejuice - White Chocolate 50Ml 0Mg Short Fill EliquidWhite Chocolate

The branding of the bottle, in particular, the colouring leads me to believe that this is going to be along the lines of milky bar buttons type of white chocolate. If this is the case then we are in for a treat like that to me is perhaps the best type of white chocolate out there.

The smell from the bottle is rather creamy, not very much white chocolate but it does smell sweet. The liquid itself I must say is rather impressive. Ok, so it’s not milky bar style white chocolate but it’s not a bad attempt at creating a tasty white chocolate e-liquid. Previous white chocolates I have tried have been rather bland but with the KNDI white chocolate, there is a lot of depth to the flavour. I would say it is a delicate flavour best suited to fresh cotton but the levels of creamy chocolate are really really good. Very smooth and well made!

Kndi Ejuice - Cotton Candy 50Ml 0Mg Short Fill EliquidCotton Candy

Going by the quality of the white chocolate this should be good! The smell I get from the bottle is like opening a bag of seaside candy floss and taking a big sniff! The smell is spot on!

Tastewise, this is another great liquid the candy floss flavour comes through beautifully and I also get an element of surprise in the exhale in which I am getting notes of cream and more of a milkshake kind of taste going on. Beautifully made and easily the best cotton candy liquid I have had in a long time.

Lemon Bon BonKndi Ejuice - Lemon Bonbon 50Ml 0Mg Short Fill Eliquid

I absolutely love a lemon bonbon! It’s a shame my fillings don’t like them so much anymore! So this is great news to have found one that will be good on the teeth!

Lemon galore from the bottle when I took a sniff. On to the taste, I was a little miffed at first. The lemon bon bons I had tried had always had a toffee centre and I guess I was expecting that from this. However, what I do get is a nice candy lemon flavour that is not too over the top when it comes to flavouring. There is a slight colada type thing going on that I just do not get why it is even there. But with that said it is not a bad juice at all. It is one of those flavours that you will either love straight off or you will grow to love. The latter being the case for me.

Overall we have three flavours that are very good in terms of quality and an impressive attempt at recreating some of my sweetshop favourites. You can buy the full range from KNDI ejuice including 3 new flavours from us today.



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