The Proposed Ban on Menthol Cigarettes

Tpd Could Ban Menthol Cigarettes In 2020

In 2020, the European Union’s Tobacco Product Directive will come into effect. The TPD is essentially a crackdown on the tobacco companies and their products, as part of the EU’s drive to improve health and welfare. Among the many conditions of the directive is a proposed ban on all menthol cigarettes, due to the higher level of harm they are thought to cause. A ban on the popular flavoured cigarettes could push smokers to finally quit their habits: and it is likely to see many more make the switch to vaping, so as not to miss out on their beloved menthol flavours.

Research suggests menthols are more harmful than regular cigarettes

Studies carried out in the US by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention and the Center for Tobacco Control Research and Education have determined that smokers are exposed to more harm when smoking menthol cigarettes. The cooling effect of the menthol decreases irritation in the throat and lungs, which often leads to smokers having more cigarettes, and inhaling more deeply. This puts the lungs under considerable pressure and makes menthol more damaging than unflavoured cigarettes.

As a result of the research, lawmakers in Ontario, Canada have implemented a nationwide ban on all menthol cigarette production, while the US Food and Drug Administration is also considering blocking menthol production. The European Union is likely to follow suit in 2020 when the Tobacco Product Directive comes into full effect. Though the UK will be out of the EU by that point and will not fall under the TPD directly, it is likely to consider a similar ban in line with the work its trading allies are doing.

No need to miss out on menthol cigarettes

While smokers could soon lose their menthol fix, fans of the flavour will be pleased to hear that vaping offers safer alternatives to cigarettes, while retaining that cool taste and feel. Menthol liquids are widely available for use in e-cigarettes and vaping devices. Researchers in Canada found that after the ban was implemented there, 29% of menthol smokers in the study made the switch to e-cigs instead: far higher than the 6% originally predicted by the research teams. Just 28% – far less than expected – made the switch to regular cigarettes, while the rest of the group attempted to quit, or succeeded in quitting.

Vaping is already widely accepted as an aid to help smokers quit the habit – and it is also an enjoyable activity that can replace smoking while causing much less harm. Switching from menthol cigarettes to a menthol e-cig could be the best move you ever made. Why not get in touch with E Liquids UK today, and check out our wide range of vape starter kits and menthol liquids? We are sure to have a flavour that suits your tastes.

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