Vape Tanks: Why Is There So Many?

Does There Need To Be So Many Vape Tanks?

E-Liquids UK looks at the perplexing subject of vape tanks. Often referred to as atomisers, people new to vaping can find it a very confusing issue as there are so many different types. What is a dripper? Is there a difference between RDAs and RTAs? What on earth is a squonk tank? Which one is the best? All these questions and more will get answers.

What does a vape tank do?

Essentially, a tank acts as a store for the e-liquid and contains a wick and something to heat the juice so it evaporates.

What heats the e-liquid?

A battery supplies electricity to a metal coil or ceramic unit. The metal coil or ceramic unit resists the flow of electricity and therefore heats up. This heat is passed to the e-liquid soaked into the wick.

That sounds simple, so why are there so many different types of tanks?

Some are similar to each other, some cater to different vaping styles, some are mass produced, some are produced by dedicated machinists in small numbers.

The e-cig market is now worth billions of pounds around the world, lots of companies want to have their product as one of the top sellers so this is one reason why there is such a profusion of devices.

What types of vape tanks/atomisers are there?

  • The Pod system
  • Generation 1 cigalikes
  • Generation 2 starter kits
  • Generation 3 open systems
  • Generation 4 temperature-controlled systems

What terms might I see being applied to these tanks?

  • RTA – refillable tank atomisers – typically to hold between 2 and 5ml of e-liquid although the current legal maximum is 2ml.
  • RDA – refillable dripping atomisers – small tanks where the user drips liquid directly onto the coil/wick. Users say these give the best flavour.
  • Genesis/genysis/genisis atomisers – old school RTAs that use a stainless-steel rod or mech wick. This is a very niche area of vaping.
  • Squonk ready RDA/RDTA – an RDA that allows juice to flow up from the ‘squonk’ mod, the atomisers that have a tank as well are called RDTAs.

What is the difference between these tanks/atomisers?

Pod systems are self-contained systems designed for ease of use. Some use disposable pods that are prefilled with e-liquid which get thrown away when empty. Some allow you to add your own e-liquid and replace the pod or atomiser head when the flavour begins to wane.

Gen 1 – Cigalikes look like cigarettes and are disposable. The tank is sealed and can’t be refilled.

Gen 2 – Starter kits cater for a wide range of needs these days. Some are sealed units, but the more modern ones accept dedicated premade atomiser heads and allow you to add your own e-liquid.

Gen 3 – Open systems are geared towards the advanced users who make their own coils or insert premade complex coils (Clapton/Staple/etc.).

Gen 4 – Temperature-controlled systems can exist as pod devices or as mods to accept an open system tank.

Which atomiser tank is best?

This is an impossible question to answer and depends on how you would like to vape and what e-liquid you will be using. If you are confused about a purchase, contact us for further support

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