How To Use Your Vape Kit Safely

How To Use Your New Vape Kit Safely

A recent story in the news highlights the need to make sure you use your vape kit safely including the accessories it comes with such as batteries.

A recent story in the news details how a woman using her electronic cigarette mod and tank ran into problems. The article highlights how we need to take steps to ensure that we are using our vaping equipment safely.

What happened to the woman?

Emma Browne had owned her vape mod and tank for nine months. She says she was a daily vaper, and this was the only kit she owned. One day she ran into issues.

She said: “It tasted burnt and hot, so I had to rinse my mouth and drink loads of water. Then I tested my vape and saw the flames that’s when I realized it had done that in my mouth. If I had carried on puffing on that and not checked it, I could have damaged my throat.”

Why did she experience this problem?

According to her account, she had been using the same replacement coil for the entire period. Over time, coils can blacken and build up with carbon. The flavour of the e-liquid becomes muted – then it will go altogether.

Either because of the build-up combined with a lack of e-liquid, or allowing the tank and wick to run dry, the video she released to accompany the story showed the coil overheating and setting fire to the cotton material that makes up the wick.

What else could cause an issue for e-cig users?

Other problems can occur through the misuse of batteries or not charging your vape kit correctly, we’ve written an article in the past about battery safety which you will find helpful when using vape kits with external batteries.

So How do I use My Vape Kit Safely?

1. When you first use a new coil, coat the wick in e-liquid before inserting it into the tank or when it is first inserted into the tank. Then, add your e-liquid to the tank and allow it to stand for a few minutes to make sure that the wick is saturated.

2. Keep an eye on your juice level. Don’t wait until the tank runs dry. If you are using a disposable vape, dispose of it responsibly when the taste begins to weaken. If you are using a refillable tank, top it up frequently.

3. Don’t take super-long drags. If you find that you are inhaling for anything over 10 seconds, consider increasing the nicotine content of your juice. Long pulls on an e-cigarette can dry out the wick.

4. Have you finished vaping? Remember to use the lock or off button before putting your vape into a pocket.

5. Not a safety issue, but certainly one that leads to inconvenience – make sure your replacement coil head is screwed firmly into the tank to prevent it from leaking.

6. Old batteries need replacing, and in mods where you can’t remove the battery, this means the mod will need replacing. You will know this as the time you can use it before needing to recharge will decrease a lot. Old batteries pose a fire risk.

7. Only use the charger that comes with your device with that device. Do not leave something charging unattended or overnight.

8. Purchase all your products from a trusted and reputable vape shop such as E-Liquids UK.

But remember…If you remember that millions of people in the UK vape, the number of incidents is very small and almost always preventable. Vaping remains at least 95% safer than smoking and is the most popular method of quitting smoking.


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