How Does The Weather Effect Your Vape?

How Does The Weather Effect My Vape?

The United Kingdom is currently experiencing a heatwave, today in Charlwood, Surrey a new UK record of 39.1°C was reached and that was before mid-day so it could be higher after writing this article. While this may be enjoyable for some and annoying to others, it can impact electronic cigarette use for everybody. We look at what changes can happen and if there are any safety considerations you need to bear in mind.

How Does Weather Affect My Vape

What Happens When I Vape?

No matter the time of year, electronic cigarettes dehydrate the person using them. The level to which this happens depends on how much you vape during the day. It is recommended that everyone increases the amount of water they drink each day when they switch from smoking to vaping in order to avoid headaches and other small inconveniences.

How Does The Sun Affect How I Vape?

Hot weather makes people dehydrated, so it is more important than ever that you keep on top of your consumption of fluids. This doesn’t give you an excuse to begin increasing the number of jugs of Pimms you consume with a barbeque. Stay hydrated, especially when vaping oh and don’t forget to re-fill your tank, nobody wants a dry hit!

Will The Sun Effect My E-Liquid?

Yes. Viscosity means how runny a liquid is. Vape Juice is mainly made up of PG and VG liquids and these both become runnier as they get hotter.

Is Runny Vape Liquid Bad?

As the e-liquid becomes less viscous there is the chance that you can have leaks from your vape tanks and pods. This doesn’t pose a risk other than it creating a mess and the inconvenience of finding a tank that has emptied itself. It’s possible that you may find the flavour and your enjoyment changed because the juice flows to the coils faster and can cause gurgling.

How do I combat this?

You can do two things:

  1. Consider using a more VG-heavy e-liquid
  2. Keep your device and juice bottles out of direct sunlight. Keep your device in your pocket or the shade while not using it and consider storing your spare juice bottles in a fridge or cool box.

Also, some people swap to different flavours during the summer months. Mints, Menthols, & Iced eLiquids are popular choices.

Did You Mention Possible Safety Issues?

Yes. A number of devices can have metal parts. In direct sunlight, these can become very hot and possibly burn your skin when touched. This isn’t a major problem – but there is something more serious you should consider…

What? What Do I Need To Worry About?

Battery Safety;

The batteries that power vape devices, pods and disposables are the same type of batteries as you find in mobile phones, laptops and tablets. These batteries hate heat.

Your laptop has fans to keep it cool, your vaping equipment doesn’t. If the batteries become too hot they can short circuit and maybe damage you or something nearby.

This is another reason to keep them in the shade.

Anything else I should think about?

Cars;Vaping In The Car

Your device may be shaded in your vehicle, but the inside of a car can become incredibly hot. Again, this can cause leaking – which you don’t want on your seats or in your glove compartment – or the battery can cause a fire.

Make sure you take your kit with you when you get out.

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