5 Proven Benefits of Switching to Vaping

We Discuss 5 Benefits Of Switching To Vaping

Five things you already experience, thanks to successfully switching from smoking to vaping, or five to look forward to when you use vaping to quit tobacco use.

Smokers contacting UK vape shops are motivated by a desire to quit using tobacco, but little do they know just how positive the change can be. Ex-smokers who now enjoy UK vape juice instead will agree with the points we raise here in the five benefits of switching from tobacco to UK eliquid and electronic cigarettes.

1). Vaping Improves Your Health

Vaping is far healthier for you than smoking. You might expect a UK vape shop to say this, but the message comes from Public Health England and is supported by Cancer Research UK, the British Heart Foundation, the Royal College of Physicians, and the Royal College of GPs.

How much healthier? Vaping is “at least 95% safer” than smoking, according to Public Health England.

Ex-smokers on social media speak about feeling the improvements in their health very quickly. In smokers suffering from smoking-related illnesses, such as COPD, research in Italy showed that lungs demonstrated clear improvement in smokers who switched to vaping instead.

2). So Many E-Liquid Flavours To Enjoy

The sense of taste returns swiftly after quitting smoking, and this means that you will really be able to taste the wide range of wonderful budget and premium vape liquid flavours in the UK from your local or online vape shop.

Many experts and researchers have commented that they have never seen anything like the enthusiasm people have for vaping in all their years working to help smokers quit. The internet is awash with online forums and social media groups dedicated to UK vapers to make friends and swap tips.

3). Switching To Vaping Really Does Help You Quit

The research says vaping works. In a recent study, Professor Hajek and his team discovered that “e-cigarettes were more effective for smoking cessation than nicotine-replacement therapy”.

Experts believe this happens because ex-smokers get to tailor their vape experience using their preferred budget or premium vape liquid. Also, the range of products for sale at vape shops in the UK means there is a device out there for everyone.

4). Vaping Can Save You Money

Every advert advising smokers to quit will talk about the saving benefits of stopping smoking.

If you switch to using electronic cigarettes, once you’ve spent around £20 on a device from a UK vape shop, the only cost will be something in the region of £15 per month on your favourite flavour of UK vape juice.

Compare this to the cost of smoking and you could benefit from saving over three thousand pounds a year.

5). Switching Helps Create Happy Families

Your family will be happy for two reasons. Firstly, being healthier means you are going to be around for much longer. Secondly, there is no second-hand smoke to hurt them.

Experts have shown that UK vape liquid undergoes intense testing and doesn’t contain the nasties you will find in cigarette smoke. In fact, people at Public Health England described second-hand vape claims as “a myth”.

Five fantastic reasons to contact a UK vape shop today and make the switch!

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