Popular Cereal E-Juices

Cereal is certainly one of the most popular flavours for e-liquid in the vape industry. We stock loads of cereal flavours including granola and oaty blends and make finding them on our website very simple. Cereal vape juice replicates the flavour of just about every popular household cereal brand, and that’s not all. Sometimes, the best cereal e-liquid uses cereal as a small part of a much more complex flavour blend. A frosted doughnut vape topped with crumbled cereal? Below you will find a wide selection of the most popular cereal flavours our customers choose to vape.


Mixed Fruit, Cereal, and Milk


Fruit Filled Cereal


Cereal Milk with Fruit


Apple Cinnamon Donut Milk


Honey, Nuts, Cereal, and Milk


Graham Cereal, Honey, Milk, Banana


Lemon Curd, Sponge Cake, Crumble


Fruity Cereal Milk


Ice Cream, Cereal, Chocolate Cookie and Milk


Granola, Berries, Milk


Crunchy Cinnamon Milk


Mixed Berries, Granola, Cereal, and Milk