30 Really Popular Apple Flavours In 2021

Apple e liquid is such a popular flavour, here in the UK we consume around 122,000 tonnes of British grown Apple’s every year; that’s enough to fill 325 swimming pools! So it’s obvious that this is going to be a popular flavour in our e-cigarettes. Below is a list of our 30 best selling apple flavours this month. We have an apple flavour for you no matter what kind of vape kit you own.



Cranberry, Apple and Raspberry by Ohm Boy Volume II is a combination of summer fruit flavours. A mixture of cranberry, apple and raspberry provides a layered vape. This is a 30ml bottle of flavour concentrate for DIY mixing with VG/PG & nicotine if required, a 20% mix is recommended. This flavour concentrate is also available [...]

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Apple, Guava, Ice/Slush


Fizzy Apple Soda


Sour Hard Apple Candy


Apple, Ice/Menthol


Apple, Cucumber, Mint, Aniseed


Pomegranate, Apple and Blackcurrant


Sliced Red Apples Served with Ice & Fizzy Soda.


Apple, Rhubarb, Butter, Crumble


Caramel Apple Dipped In Milk Chocolate


Apple, Custard, Vanilla Cream, Pastry


Red Apple, Rhubarb, Menthol


Sour, Apple, Candy, and Menthol


Apple, Soda, Ice and Menthol


Apple and Blackcurrant

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Sour, Apple, and Candy