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Reviewing The Safety of Vaping

Reviewing The Safety Of Vaping

We are reviewing the safety of Vaping. With over ten years of use in the UK, some people still object to the NHS supporting vaping as a quit smoking option. What ought to be clear to everyone, smoking is very dangerous so UK public health bodies all fully endorse the use of electronic cigarettes to […]

How To Use Your Vape Kit Safely

How To Use Your New Vape Kit Safely

A recent story in the news highlights the need to make sure you use your vape kit safely including the accessories it comes with such as batteries. A recent story in the news details how a woman using her electronic cigarette mod and tank ran into problems. The article highlights how we need to take […]

10 Reasons Why People Think Vaping Is Bad?

10 Reasons Why People Think Vaping Is Bad

Despite mounting evidence from the UK showing that vaping is at least 95% safer than smoking and works as a quit tool, some still strongly oppose e-cigs and tobacco harm reduction. Mounting independent evidence from the United Kingdom shows that vaping is “at least 95% safer” than smoking, according to Public Health England and the […]

Why Samsung Don’t Want You To Use Their Batteries

Samsung Don'T Want Their Batteries Associated With Vaping

For many years, Samsung lithium-ion batteries have ranked as some of the most popular cells to use in a vape device. Praised by reviewers and vapers, they have been must-stock items for a lot of the vape industry. However, due to adverse publicity, mainly in the United States, Samsung has taken to demanding that their […]

Is It Time to Try Vaping Instead?

New Year - Is It Time To Try Vaping Instead?

Is it time for a new you in the New Year? Is it time to try vaping instead of smoking? Are you a smoker who has made a resolution to stop using tobacco? Millions of smokers managed to quit by switching to vaping – and trying an e-cig instead of smoking a cigarette is a […]

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