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Is Vaping with an RDA Bad For You?

Is Using And Rda Bad For Your Health?

A new study attempts to whip up fear over using rebuildable dripping atomisers – should we be wary of them or just continue vaping? A new study by researchers at the Eastern Virginia Medical School attempts to whip up fear over the use of rebuildable dripping atomisers – should we be wary of them? A […]

Is it Legal to Vape While Driving?

Vaping While Driving, Is It Legal?

Is it possible to vape and drive? Is it included in the ban on smoking in cars? What can the police do to people who are vaping while driving? In 2015, Parliament passed a law that banned people from smoking in cars if they contained a child. Some wonder if this means vaping is also […]

American E-Juice Companies Are Under Threat

American E-Juice Is Under Threat

It might be time to find your favourite UK made vape liquid as industry experts say that juice makers in the United States are struggling to stay in business. While UK vape shops currently carry a wide range of regular and the UK manufactured vape liquids and e-juices from around the world, this could be […]

Wales Is Now Promoting Vaping

Wales Is Now Promoting Vaping To Help People Quit Smoking

After years of the Welsh Senedd pushing against tobacco harm reduction, Wales now promotes vaping to smokers and is proving crucial to driving down smoking rates. NHS Wales is building on the success experienced in England to include advice about electronic cigarettes as part of its Help Me Quit service. Since April 2020, there has […]

Stoptober 2021 – Will You Make The Switch?

Stoptober 2021 - Will You Make The Switch To Vaping?

Public Health England is holding its 10th Stoptober to encourage tobacco users to stop smoking or swap to the less harmful vaping alternative. With ten years in the bag, 2.3 million tobacco users have now successfully made quit attempts thanks to the campaign. There are over 6 million smokers left using tobacco each day in […]

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