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Is It Time to Try Vaping Instead?

New Year - Is It Time To Try Vaping Instead?

Is it time for a new you in the New Year? Is it time to try vaping instead of smoking? Are you a smoker who has made a resolution to stop using tobacco? Millions of smokers managed to quit by switching to vaping – and trying an e-cig instead of smoking a cigarette is a […]

Good COPs and Bad COPs

Vaping &Amp; Climate Change, Good Cops &Amp; Bad Cops

A World Health Organisation (WHO) conference concerned with electronic cigarettes is currently underway (COP9), but it compares unfavourably with the one taking place addressing the environment (COP26). Independent advocates for e-cigs and vape consumers have been banned from viewing the discussions. COP9 is discussing ways of treating vaping around the world, coming up with policies […]

Massive Boost For UK Vaping

A Massive Boost For Uk Vaping

UK vape shops and e-liquid producers have been handed a resounding show of support as the Government announces that vape products may soon be available on prescription. The move does not mean that regular purchasing will stop, or product ranges reduced, just that the NHS will be able to target hard to reach smokers and […]

Comprehensive E-Cigarette Evidence Review

New Vaping Evidence Released

A team of independent experts including Professors Raymond Niaura, Pietro Ferrara, and Riccardo Polosa have conducted a scoping review, looking at all of the research studies examining the health outcomes from vaping. They say there is nothing new to question the consensus that e-cigs are safer than smoking. The United Kingdom has supported smokers switching […]

FRESH & BALANCE Highlights Stoptober

Stoptober 2021 - Will You Make The Switch To Vaping?

North-East regional tobacco control programme FRESH and BALANCE highlights the ongoing need for the Stoptober campaign to help smokers successfully switch to vaping. The impact of smoking on the United Kingdom stretches beyond treatment costs, running into hundreds of millions of pounds. In Sunderland along, the cost of smoking (combined with alcohol) costs the city […]

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