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Yorkshire Cancer Research Encourages Vaping

Yorkshire Cancer Research Encourages Vaping

Yorkshire Cancer Research has delivered updated advice about e-cigarettes, vaping, and tobacco harm reduction, answering common questions with documented facts. Yorkshire Cancer Research has taken a leading role in educating the public about the benefits of switching from smoking to vaping, its new update is very welcome. Are e-cigarettes as dangerous as smoking? Yorkshire Cancer […]

Reviewing The Safety of Vaping

Reviewing The Safety Of Vaping

We are reviewing the safety of Vaping. With over ten years of use in the UK, some people still object to the NHS supporting vaping as a quit smoking option. What ought to be clear to everyone, smoking is very dangerous so UK public health bodies all fully endorse the use of electronic cigarettes to […]

Do Music Videos Make Teens Vape?

Do Music Videos Encourage Teens To Vape?

Are music videos corrupting our teens and enticing them into a world of vaping? That is what American researchers and a national newspaper think. Despite anecdotal stories, harm reduction experts point to a different story taking place. What did the researchers do? Rather than just look at evidence of vaping in music videos, they sought […]

Does Vaping Cause Diabetes?

Does Vaping Cause Diabetes? Lets Find Out What Research Has Been Done

A new research study claiming that Vaping is linked to prediabetes has been the focus of newspaper stories – but did the researchers actually find it? Over the last year, scientists have tried to claim that electronic cigarettes cause damage to bones, erectile dysfunction, stroke, and depression. One by one they were shown up to […]

Vaping on a Budget

Vaping On A Budget &Amp; How To Save Money

We look at the ways you can get the best value for your money when it comes to vaping. All the talk as we headed into the new year was how household budgets are set to tighten. While the savings from swapping cigarettes for e-cigs are clear, you might be in a position where you’d […]