Ice Cream Man E-Juice Review

Ice Cream Man - Mint Choco Chip

Ruthless Ice Cream Man E-liquid Review

Straight out of Southern California, USA, from the same team that brought us Ruthless ( and we all know how great they are ) comes Ice Cream Man. This is a line that should be a hit for all you folks out there with a sweet tooth or like a nice creamy vape. I am going to be giving you my thoughts on 3 of the line that is available in the UK right now. I have been putting the following through their paces this past week: Strawberry Macaron, Mint Choc Chip & Berry Ice Cream Cake.

The whole range comes in 50ml short fill bottles with nicotine shots available separately. All liquids are blended to an 80vg/20pg ratio things are going to get very cloudy indeed.

Strawberry Macaron Ice Cream Man - Strawberry Macaron Ice Cream Sandwich 50Ml Short Fill

I have never tried a Macaron in my life but a quick bit of research soon taught me that these are kind of a cross between a cookie and a meringue. Sandwiched in the middle would be a filling of some description. So with that in mind, we are looking for a cookie type taste with Strawberry ice cream.

I tested this in the Kylin, on the Wismec Ravage 230. Opening up the bottle you are hit with a nice Strawberry smell but nothing else. This, of course, is not unusual. It is perfectly normal to have a more prominent flavour when first smelling there liquids. One full tank later and we are ready. Inhale is a combination of a biscuity type flavour with a nice amount of Strawberry. With the exhale you get a little of the ice cream flavour coming out with a nice but subtle creaminess. The Strawberry dies right down to a nice amount and I get a little more cookie flavour.

Mint Choco Ice Cream Ice Cream Man - Mint Choco Ice Cream 50Ml Short Fill

Where to begin with this one, rather a shocker for me to be honest. What I do not particularly like in e-liquids are mints, colada and anything fresh tasting. I cannot stand mint choc chip ice cream as a rule and I do not like mint or chewing gum, its bad enough using toothpaste for the mint !!

So with the mint negativity out of the way lets get on to the juice. I was not expecting to like this, everything points to me not liking it. So I duly opening the bottle and was hit with a blast of mint. Here goes, I stuck this in the Fireluke mesh tank from Freemax and all I could smell was mint. From the smell, it did remind me of a mint choc chip ice cream. Tastewise, brace yourselves here, this was actually really nice. A nice mint coupled with a small amount of dark chocolate rather than milk chocolate. Inhale is particularly minty but the exhale the mint calms and more of the chocolate comes out. We are not talking an overdose amount of chocolate here, just the right amount I guess to give the impression of dark chocolate chips. The aftertaste is a little minty more chocolatey but very very nice. I was particularly pleased with this that despite the mint the hit on the throat was minimal as was the fresh feeling going down as you inhale. That is what I normally find off-putting.

Berry Ice Cream Cake Ice Cream Man - Berry Ice Cream Cake 50Ml Short Fill

This should be my favourite of the line but having tried the mint choco ice cream I think that is going to be hard to beat. It does, however, tick all of my favourite kind of flavour profiles. It has Berries, which is about the only type of fruit I like, Ice cream which I love and cake.

This went into the Kylin, cleaned and wicked after the Macaron testing. The inhale was predominately Strawberry and raspberry. There was a hint of another type of fruit but I could not pull out exactly what it was. On top of this was a rather pleasant cream creeping in at the top of the inhale. On the exhale you start to get a little of the cake coming through, it was not the usual type of cake I was used to vaping. I was probably expecting a little more sponge cake or pound cake type of flavour. I would not say this spoils the flavour massively as there are a lot of other flavours going on in the exhale with the Strawberry and Raspberry. The cream comes through exceptionally well and probably comes out a lot more than in Macaron.

Final Thoughts

With the makers of the vape famous brand Ruthless behind these, I was expecting a great line. Particularly since I have been impressed with other liquids they have made including Bedrock Ice Cream Donut, Loaded, Hotcakes and Apple Caramel Drop. This was a line that was no different. I tried a few of the Ice Cream Man range before the TPD kicked in when the line was a little bigger and I found them a little sweet. This time around they were really enjoyable liquids. The best of the bunch was definitely mint choco chip ice cream. This was surprising to me but at the same time, it is nice to find something that you would not normally like that changes your mind about a particular flavour type. Overall this is a great line and definitely one to buy.

You can purchase Ice Cream Man E-Juice here and check out the range for yourself.

Keep an eye out for two new liquids from these guys, Strawberry Gelato and Pistachio Gelato. I am looking forward to this a lot.