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6 Weekly Interest Free Installments

Laybuy Pay Weekly Vape &Amp; Cbd

Laybuy now offers vapers who shop online a simple interest free payment plan that lets you secure your vape purchase today and pay for it in 6 equal payments, once a week for 6 weeks. This means you can stock up on all your favourite e liquids for a month and pay it off weekly!

Laybuy performs a credit check to obtain a credit score on all new users upon registration. Once your credit score has been confirmed and your account has been verified, Laybuy assigns your Laybuy limit and you can begin shopping for vape products and CBD immediately.

The first payment equal to one sixth of the purchase price occurs once your order is completed. The remaining 5 payments are processed each week on the day of the original purchase from your nominated card. No further action is required and all account information including a payment schedule can be viewed, at any time, through your Laybuy account.

Once you select Pay by Laybuy at checkout and complete your purchase, E-Liquids UK will ship your order that same day directly to you at the delivery address you have requested.


Buy Now Pay Later Using Laybuy


How much does Laybuy cost and is there a fee?

Laybuy doesn’t charge you any interest or upfront fees.

If you miss a payment you will be notified immediately. A late payment fee of £6 may be charged in respect of each payment you fail to make on time. Any payment default may also result in our debt collection service contacting you and/or your credit score being affected.

Why did a payment get taken when I first placed the order?

Although Laybuy provides you with a limit to spread the cost of your order, the first payment will always be taken at the time you place your order. This is required to establish your order, the remaining five payments will then be split equally using your available limit.

If there are any issues with this initial payment, please reach out to them directly so they can investigate alternatively please ring our customer support number found in the top left corner or send us an email.

To be eligible to use Laybuy you must:

  • be at least 18 years old.
  • have a valid and verifiable email address and mobile telephone number.
  • have a valid debit or credit card.
  • have a valid licence or passport (issued from the country you are signing up to).