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HEETS are specially designed tobacco sticks used with IQOS heated tobacco devices. Made from a selected blend of tobacco leaves, they are heated, not burnt.

HEETS come in various tobacco flavours, offering a personalised experience. They provide a consistent and enjoyable taste, with a compact and portable design for convenience.

Compared to traditional cigarettes, HEETS produce less lingering smells. It’s important to note that HEETS are exclusively for use with IQOS devices and should be used responsibly, considering potential health risks associated with tobacco consumption.

From: £29.95

Menthol Tobacco | Berries

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Mild Tobacco | Roasted

From: £5.99

Tobacco | Menthol | Peppermint

From: £5.99

Rich Tobacco

From: £29.95

Tobacco | Spearmint

From: £29.95

Woody Tobacco

From: £5.99

Tobacco | Nuts

From: £29.95


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Light Tobacco


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Common Questions and Answers about HEETS from IQOS.

Q: How do HEETS differ from traditional cigarettes?

A: HEETS are specially designed tobacco sticks that are heated, not burned, in IQOS devices. This heating process releases a flavourful nicotine-containing aerosol while reducing the production of harmful chemicals associated with combustion.

Q: Are HEETS available in different flavours?

A: Yes, HEETS come in a variety of flavours to suit different preferences. Some popular flavours include Amber, Yellow, Sienna, Turquoise, Blue, and more. The availability of flavours may vary depending on your location.

Q: Can HEETS be used with any other tobacco products?

A: No, HEETS are designed exclusively for use with IQOS heated tobacco devices. They should not be used with other tobacco products or in any other way than intended.

Q: Do HEETS produce less smell compared to traditional cigarettes?

A: Yes, HEETS produce less lingering odours compared to traditional cigarettes. This can contribute to a more discreet and less intrusive smoking experience.

Q: Are there any health risks associated with using HEETS?

A: While IQOS and HEETS are marketed as potentially reduced-risk alternatives to smoking, it's important to note that they are not risk-free. The long-term health effects of using heated tobacco products are still being studied, and individuals should make informed decisions about their tobacco consumption based on available information.

This Guide Will Help You Find Your Flavour In HEETS

HEETS Flavour Guide

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